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David Heitman For those ready for the ultimate change!!!!

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2 David Heitman For those ready for the ultimate change!!!!

3 This is not new. This is not rocket science.

4  Ignore the “fad” diets  Ignore the miracle pills  Diet and Exercise have been proven to work ◦ Requires commitment ◦ Requires discipline

5  It is more than just counting calories  It does not mean that you will be hungry all the time  You don’t have to eat “boring” food all the time either  More than you think Eww!

6  More foods from nature ◦ Fruits ◦ Vegetables  Real food ◦ More meat and fish ◦ Less “spam”  Keep in nutrient dense  Watch the serving size

7  Don’t beat yourself on slip ups  Allow the occasional treat or reward  Understand the importance of “cheat” days ◦ Satisfies the craving ◦ Everything in moderation, including moderation I love cheat days!

8  Keeping calories down ◦ Looking on the nutrition label and know what your looking at  Watch the amount of fat ◦ Fat has 2xs the amount of calories than proteins and carbs ◦ Therefore your body should have less daily Watch the fat!!

9  Drink plenty of water ◦ Your body needs about 8-8oz glasses daily  Go for small meals through out the day ◦ Aim for about 5-6 small meals to keep metabolism active  Incorporate plenty of fruits and vegetables in with snacking ◦ Maybe just enough to get rid of the hunger edge

10  Bring in the essential nutrients ◦ These are the ones that your body does not make own its own  Take your vitamins ◦ Daily vitamins are a good start ◦ Talk to your doctor about others you should take More you know, the better!!

11 badgood  Chips  Packaged pastries  Fast food  …it’s a long list  Fruit  Veggies  Yogurt  Peanuts What about popcorn?

12  Make your meals in advance  Healthier  Less expensive  Taste better

13  Don’t have to spend all day at the gym  Don’t have to bench press a Volkswagen  It is not needed to run 10 miles a day  Just important to get out there and do it!

14  Simple 20 to 30 minutes of vigorous activity ◦ Enough to get the heart rate up ◦ Need to keep the blood moving  Does not have to be at the gym ◦ Walking ◦ Playing ball with the kids or dog

15  Very few people know 100%  Some many different varieties of exercise  Do research on your own  Shop around for fitness facilities ◦ They all have something that makes them unique ◦ All should have some sort of knowledgeable staff member on hand to assist

16 Proscons  Makes you feel better  Live a healthier life  Can reduce chronic illness  Can manage weight better  Improve energy levels  Can cause soreness  Can be time consuming

17  Start slow  Simple 20-30 minutes of cardio may be all you need at first  Don’t over do it! ◦ Muscle soreness hurts…a lot !  Set goals ◦ Make them realistic Above all listen to your body!! If something is not right, find out what it could be before moving on!

18  There are so many different types of work outs  Same to be said about different classes  Group fitness is a good tool to help with motivation ◦ Don’t be worried about looking stupid

19  So many research out there  Become aware of the type plan you are working ◦ Make sure it works for to achieve your goals ◦ Refer to the “tips” slides

20  Most important rule… DON’T QUIT

21 Be the better you!!!!

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