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Simple Past Tense Lic. Katya Gabriela Ortega Mendoza AUTOR.

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2 Simple Past Tense Lic. Katya Gabriela Ortega Mendoza AUTOR

3 Do you know these guys?

4 They all have something in common... They were created by the same man: Walt Disney (1901 – 1966 )

5 Walter Elias Disney was was born 19011966.Walt Disney was a famous American Film Animator and producer. He was born in 1901 and died in 1966. was was appeared 1928.He was the first to make animated cartoons. His most famous character was Mickey Mouse. Mickey first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928.

6 made 1937. opened 1955.Walt Disney made his first cartoon film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. He opened the first Disneyland amusement park in California in 1955. Disney films are still popular today

7 The last example is a BIOGRAPHY Whenever we want to write a biography we must pay attention in some things: –Verbs: –Verbs: was / was born / appeared / made opened. (Simple Past Tense) –Dates: –Dates: 1901 / 1966 / 1928 / 1937 / 1955 With this information are we going to start working today...

8 Verbs Simple Past Tense Regular Verbs -ed -Play -Rest -Work Irregular Verbs -No rules -Cut -Read -Go The Past Simple of the verbs is the same in all persons

9 Simple Past Tense We use the Simple Past Tense for actions which finished at a definite stated time in the past. That is, we know when the action happened. We form questions with the auxiliary Did and the root form of the verb We form negations with Did not (Didn’t) and the root form of the verb

10 -ED Pronunciation Rules 1 Pronounce –ied endings as /id/. studied /id/ 2. When the original form of the verb ends in ‘t’, ‘te’ or ‘d’, pronounce –ed as /ed/. painted – needed

11 -ED Pronunciation Rules 3. When the verb ends originally in ss, sh, ch, k, p, or x, pronounce –ed as /t/. kissed /t/ - washed /t/ - watched /t/ worked /t/ - stopped /t/ - fixed /t/

12 -ED Pronunciation Rules 4. In all the rest of the verbs, pronounce –ed as a soft /d/. learned /d/ - arrived /d/ watered /d/ - smiled /d/

13 Regular verbs Irregular verbs Negative sentences Interrogative form didn´tI didn´t do my Homework. didWhat did you do Yesterday? DidDid you study for The exam? Wh-questions Did - ed Verbs ending with - ed ed Dance – Danced ed Play – Played ed Work - Worked No rules!! See – Saw Write – Wrote Sing - Sang Simple Past Past

14 Dates1937 Nineteen Thirty Seven 1901 Nineteen Oh One 2001 Two Thousand (and) One 1800 Eighteen Hundred

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