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Online Data Backup Services from <ADVANCED NETWORK CONSULTIG LLC.

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1 Online Data Backup Services from <ADVANCED NETWORK CONSULTIG LLC

2 Why should you Backup? Data is the lifeblood of your company 43% of U.S. companies experiencing data disasters never re-open, and 29% close within 2 years. Compliance requirements The loss of revenue for each hour of downtime varies from industry to industry Don’t wait to find out your ‘cost of downtime’

3 What should you Backup ? Data on Servers, Desktops & Laptops Data that is exclusive to your firm and cannot be replaced DID YOU KNOW Between 40-80% of business critical data resides on the hard drives of laptops & desktops!

4 How should you Backup ? Ideally, offsite to A dedicated backup server that’s Managed 24/7 at A secure datacenter and Replicated to another server at Another offsite location! Backup Online !

5 3 things you should look for in an online data backup solution?

6 1) FLEXIBILITY Backup Anything: Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Email, Exchange, SQL & MySQL databases, and other data from… …Servers, Laptops & Desktops running… …any OS: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux & FreeBSD

7 2) PERFORMANCE Military strength encryption up to 448 bits! Powerful compression that ensures you use up a lot lesser space & bandwidth Optimized back up of incremental data only (eg.Vembu StoreGrid’s powerful Intelli-Delta feature)

8 3) USABILITY A backup is as good as it’s ability to restore any version of the data you need. An intuitive user friendly interface goes a long way towards facilitating better backup habits…

9 StoreGrid User Interface Intuitive browser based User Interface remains the same in Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD. Also remains the same across IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape & Opera browsers

10 StoreGrid User Interface Make as many schedules as you want – each with its rules. Call them anything you wish!

11 StoreGrid User Interface 1-Click preset selections – easily backup files and folders you commonly use like Outlook, IE favourites, Firefox favourites, Server Backups, System state /Active Directory support

12 StoreGrid User Interface Backup server(s) easily selectable. We can also preset this for you

13 StoreGrid User Interface Backed up data can be compressed as desired; CPU utilization can also be configured to use system bandwidth as you please

14 StoreGrid User Interface StoreGrid's Intelli-Delta Technology ensures only changes in files & folders are backed up - saves bandwidth, and space

15 StoreGrid User Interface Robust data encryption (64-448 bit) with password protection ensures no one sees your backed up data – we won’t even know if it’s a.xls or a.doc !

16 StoreGrid User Interface Every conceivable scheduling option is available – just decide when/how often you want to backup and StoreGrid takes care of the rest – quietly in the background

17 StoreGrid User Interface Easy restore capabilities. Restore a single file, an earlier version of a file, and even deleted files

18 StoreGrid User Interface User friendly backup status reporting from a powerful database – in addition to StoreGrid alerts that let you know what’s happening

19 StoreGrid User Interface Easy Customer management Features help us manage your backups better

20 Get a Free Trial Today ! 100011001000100011101010001010011110100000010010111101010 000100101000100000001010001010101000010010100000001001111 110101010111110100010011111010100100100010010010010000100 010010001111101010010111110100010010010001000100100100000 1000111110101010111000111111010001010111001001001000100110 10011101011101000001001111010101010111010010111101 Backup your Data Online- NOW! Call: 917-941-5103 Email: The question is not whether you’ll lose data. It’s how prepared are you for when you do?

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