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Harris LiveVault® Online Backup System. Harris LiveVault 2  What is Harris LiveVault?  Why Harris LiveVault?  How Harris LiveVault works  Harris LiveVault.

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1 Harris LiveVault® Online Backup System

2 Harris LiveVault 2  What is Harris LiveVault?  Why Harris LiveVault?  How Harris LiveVault works  Harris LiveVault Archive Options  Harris LiveVault Demonstration  Harris LiveVault Pricing  Sample Screens & Reports Webinar Agenda

3 Harris LiveVault What is Harris LiveVault? Harris LiveVault Online Backup is… a managed service solution that provides online backup, recovery, and electronic vaulting for your servers running Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Solaris, or Red Hat Linux. You specify what you want to back up and when, and Harris LiveVault backs up your data over an Internet connection to an off-site location.

4 Harris LiveVault 4 Why Harris LiveVault? Continuous Backup Offsite Storage No-Wait Recovery No Tapes, Lower Costs

5 Harris LiveVault 5 Why Harris LiveVault? Continuous Backup Your data is continuously backed up as it changes, 24 hours a day, so it's always protected. This results in an historical archive containing hundreds of previous versions. Whether you need the most recent copy from a few minutes ago or a version from the past, the appropriate copy will be available with a few clicks in a web browser. With Harris LiveVault you receive: Continuous backup for 24 x 7 x 365 data protection Hundreds of previous versions in the historical archive Built-in support for applications such as SQL and Exchange Ability to backup up open databases and files

6 Harris LiveVault 6 Why Harris LiveVault? Offsite Storage Your data is automatically stored offsite at two Iron Mountain redundant data centers via state-of-the-art security technology. These data centers include the National Underground Site, the most secure non-military facility in the country! Offsite storage provides your business with disaster recovery for critical server data should your office be damaged or destroyed.

7 Harris LiveVault 7 Why Harris LiveVault? No-Wait Recovery Instantly recover your data to the point of failure, eliminating downtime and data loss from relying on a previous night's backup. For added convenience and speed, a unique web interface allows you to initiate restores from any Web browser anywhere. Harris LiveVault ensures complete recovery by providing: Complete system or individual file restores Hundreds of file versions archived and easily located Expert professional assistance when most urgently needed

8 Harris LiveVault 8 Why Harris LiveVault? No Tapes. Lower Costs. Manual tape backup has proven to be extremely error-prone—with failure rates as high as 50%. Compounding this risk is the complex and time- consuming nature of tape backup—particularly for organizations with limited IT resources. You retain full control of your data protection while cost- effectively outsourcing the data backup, offsite storage, archiving and recovery tasks. Harris LiveVault allows you to say “No” to: No tapes to purchase, handle, catalog, or store No backup staffing and scheduling No driving tapes offsite No rebuilding files from multiple tapes No mechanical or environmentally-induced tape failures

9 Harris LiveVault 9 How LiveVault Works… Software Installation Start by installing a small software agent on the server and identifying the data to be protected using an easy to use web interface. Setup takes just 20 minutes and your Harris Customer Service Representative will handle the entire process. Please note your server will have to be rebooted once immediately upon installation. Initial Full Backup Using a broadband connection such as DSL or T1 line, Harris LiveVault first performs a full backup of all files on your protected server. From then on it uses patented technology to continuously backup data at the block level as it is created or changed. Such small data transmissions pose no performance issues for your network.

10 Harris LiveVault 10 How LiveVault Works… Secure Offsite Data Center Data is transmitted to two redundant Iron Mountain data centers, instantaneously. In addition, all data is encrypted before it leaves your server and remains encrypted on the vault. Only the encryption key password that you control on your server can unlock the data. Web Management Portal Your account will be given a personalized Web Management Portal from which you can enroll servers, download software, set policies, and initiate restores, all through the web, from virtually anywhere. You can also check the status of your data protection operations 24 x 7 x 365.

11 Harris LiveVault 11 How LiveVault Works… Recovery Options Point and click in the web interface to restore the most current version of your data from a few minute ago or choose from hundreds of previous versions in the historical archive. Files are restored via your Internet connection from the offsite vaulting facility. Harris LiveVault allows you to restore data back to the original server or any server you choose.

12 Harris LiveVault 12 How LiveVault Works… Professional Service Monitoring The mission of the Service Operations Center (SOC) is to be your eyes and ears so you can be secure knowing that IT backup professionals are continuously monitoring backup and restore operations and your critical data is always protected. If a problem does arise, the SOC identifies and manages it to a prompt and satisfactory resolution, often before you may even be aware that the problem existed. Customer Service Customer Service works closely with the SOC, data center staff, and Harris to answer your questions or provide assistance. Customer Service can assist with restores, backups, server monitoring, and any other operations issues 24 hours each day, even outside your normal Harris customer support hours. There are never any charges for calling Harris LiveVault customer service.

13 Harris LiveVault 13 How LiveVault Works… Web Browser Management Immediate restore from your desktop. This gives you one single view of current data or any file version as well as status on all systems. Disaster Recovery Overnight delivery to alternate sites. Entire file system on NAS disk; Encrypted and password protected Dual, Secure Offsite Data Centers Secure offsite eHosting centers. The highest physical security, environmental controls, redundant power and cooling, fire suppression. 24x7 Customer Service Always available for technical questions and help with backups or restores. Server Data Transmitted Data secured using the latest electronic security technologies including 3AES encryption, and digital certificates. Service Operations Center Manages your backups, so you don't have to. 24x7 Nerve Center monitors all systems: Backups, restores, network, and vaults.

14 Harris LiveVault 14 Archive Options Harris LiveVault Archive Options 30-Day History with Continuous Backup provides: 15 minute snapshots (96) of your data for the last 24 hours Four hour snapshots (6) for the previous 6 days Daily snapshots (1) for the remainder of the 30 day cycle 1-Year History adds to the above a month end copy for 12 months. 7-Year History adds to 1-Year History a quarter end copy for 7 years.

15 Harris LiveVault 15 Demonstration

16 Harris LiveVault 16 LiveVault Pricing SERVICE PLANDATA PROTECTEDCOSTS Harris 5**5 GB$75/month Harris 1010 GB$120/month Harris 2525 GB$250/month SERVICE PLANDATA PROTECTEDCOSTS Harris 5**5 GB$95/month Harris 1010 GB$150/month Harris 2525 GB$300/month Pricing: 30 Day Retention Pricing: 1 Year Retention SERVICE PLANDATA PROTECTEDCOSTS Harris 5**5 GB$120/month Harris 1010 GB$195/month Harris 2525 GB$400/month Pricing: 7 Year Retention ** Denotes most common service plan. OR

17 Harris LiveVault 17 Barry Anderson Director of Business Development Phone: (847) 362-2803, x116 For additional information, please contact

18 Harris LiveVault 18 Sample Screens & Reports

19 Harris LiveVault 19 Sample Screens & Reports

20 Harris LiveVault 20 Sample Screens & Reports

21 Harris LiveVault 21 Sample Screens & Reports

22 Harris LiveVault 22 Sample Screens & Reports

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