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ART IN NATURE EVENT BY: Landry Spurlock, Bryanna Schaible, Meredith Blue, and Tyler Goldstein.

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1 ART IN NATURE EVENT BY: Landry Spurlock, Bryanna Schaible, Meredith Blue, and Tyler Goldstein

2 OUR IDEAS  We want to revamp "Art In Nature" by making a new feature called " Art Gallery". " Art Gallery" is a program where we assign all schools kindergarten-sixth grade a art project. The kids will do the art project as a class at school. The kids do the art project that we assign and sell them to the public.

3 DEEPER INTO OUR IDEA  To put on our idea we can get a hold of all the art teachers in Bentonville school district and tell them the art projects for each grade. The art teachers will tell their kids about this and in the month of May on the first Friday the kids will set up booths for each grade and school and the can sell it to their friends and family. For this idea their will not be a lot of decorations around but some of the decorations will be the kids art that they are selling. The art teachers will be there to help. The money from this new event would go to the Arkansas children’s hospital.

4 ENVIRONMENT  I know millions of people love the Bentonville square. Our group got the idea because kids in Bentonville love art. So why not sell it to the public. This gives families the chance to, if they have not come to the square, visit the square and bring to the attention that first Friday is fun and they should visit it more often. It is also a way that families and friends can buy a family members art, or a friends piece of art!

5 Materials  Materials that we will need for this idea- 1. Tables and chairs 2. Tents 3. Volunteers 4. Music 5. Table cloths

6 Benefits  These materials that we put are beneficial to first Friday because they provide us the things that we need to put on this event. Such as the tables will hold the art, the art will be on the tables set out. The tents will block the wind and the sun from damaging the art. The volunteers will help guide the people at first Friday where to get the art. The music is live entertainment, it will make first Friday not as boring.

7 CONCLUSION  Our idea we think will bring more families to the square and first Friday because they will want to buy there friends and families art. When people come to the square for this event they see how fun and entertaining first Friday is. Our idea is also a charity for the children’s hospital to raise money.

8 sponsors  Party time rental 501-224-3133  Crystal bridges 479-418-5700  Crayola 1-800-272-9652

9 BENEFICIAL BECAUSE…  The benefit of this project is to show how talented the kids are and to go out and give the kids chance to be able to help out a charity with their own art work by selling it and then giving the money that they made to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

10 BIBLIOGRAPHY  Google images gave us a lot of images of the Art of nature.

11 CONCLUSION One more thing before we go…  The whole big deal is so that we come together as a community and help others in the process have a little bit of fun in the process and the benefit of this whole thing is so kids can show off the art they make in art class that sometimes only makes it home to mom and dad. And this also shows people Bentonville districts art program.

12 Why our idea is good…  I think our idea is good because it gives kids a chance to make art for their school and make art and just have fun with their families and friends. This idea would bring more people to the square and make them want to come to more “First Fridays”. This idea would benefit the square because it would bring more people to come to the square and start new traditions with their families. It would also bring more business to the square.

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