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Chapter 4 Objectives Define nonverbal communication

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2 Chapter 4 Objectives Define nonverbal communication
Describe how verbal and nonverbal codes work in conjunction Identify problems associated with interpreting nonverbal codes Define and identify nonverbal codes Demonstrate effective nonverbal communication skills

3 What is Nonverbal Communication ?
The process of using messages that are not words to generate meaning

4 How Verbal & Nonverbal Work Together
Repetition Emphasis Complementation Contradiction Substitution Regulation

5 Difficulties Interpreting Nonverbal Codes
One code communicates a variety of meanings A variety of codes communicate the same meaning

6 What are Nonverbal Codes ?
Codes consisting of symbols that are not words, including nonword vocalizations

7 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Bodily Movement & Facial Expression Kinesics Mehrabian Liking, status, responsiveness Ekman, Ekman & Friesen Emblems Illustrators Affect displays Regulators Adaptors

8 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Physical Attraction Characteristics associated with “beauty” Affects our assessment of self and of others Is based on words and messages in mediated communication situations

9 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Space Proxemics Territoriality Personal space Intimate distance Personal distance Social distance Public distance

10 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Time Chronemics Perceptions of the past, present, and future Use of time Monochronic individuals Polychronic individuals

11 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Touching Tactile communication Can be easily misunderstood Lack of touching can lead to health disorders Gender-based differences Cultural differences

12 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Vocal Cues Paralinguistic features Sounds that are not words Linked to perceptions of others Age, gender, emotional state, personality characteristics, credibility, persuasiveness Silence can be a vocal cue

13 What are Nonverbal Codes?
Clothing and Other Artifacts Objectics Communicate who you are Satisfy your need for self-expression Affect how others interact with you

14 Improving Your Nonverbal Communication
Practice increased sensitivity to: The context The audience The feedback you give to others The feedback others give to you

15 Adapting to Americans’ Nonverbal Behaviors
Americans expect consistent uses of space Americans tend to be verbally explicit Americans tend to use emblems for less formal messages Eye contact is expected Strong vocal characteristics have a positive impact

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