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4-H Leadership Opportunities Developed by: Texas 4-H & Youth Development Strengthening Clubs Initiative Team.

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1 4-H Leadership Opportunities Developed by: Texas 4-H & Youth Development Strengthening Clubs Initiative Team

2 Topics 1.General Leadership Opportunities 2. Project Leadership Opportunities


4 4-H Ambassadors Goals –Promote the 4-H and Youth Development Program to many audiences –To develop leadership and communication skills –To and change or improve the 4-H image among selected audiences

5 County Youth Boards Helps County Extension Agent determine what programs should be implemented Reviews the educational impacts of programs, determining how to reach new youth audiences The Youth Board is made up of 8 to 15 youth and adults (three youth to one adult)

6 Leadership Councils Every youth has the opportunity to serve as an officer on various levels: –Club –County –District –State

7 District Leadership Labs 2- to 4-day leadership retreat In-depth training Dates and costs vary Information is mailed to county Extension offices in the Spring of each year.

8 Texas 4-H Teen Leader Retreat Focuses on the development of intensive leadership skills Targets 4-H members age 13 and older Held annually in January at the Texas 4-H Conference Center.

9 Junior Leadership Retreat For youth ages 9-13 Workshops are facilitated by Texas 4-H Council and other senior level 4-H youth Experience service opportunities Conducted annually in November at the Texas 4-H Conference Center.

10 Career Awareness and Youth Leadership Laboratory Held each year during the month of June on the Prairie View A&M campus for youth ages 14 to 19. Hands-on workshops expose youth to careers in agriculture, family and consumer sciences, communications and entrepreneurship.

11 Texas 4-H Congress Mock legislative educational event Held in Austin in even-numbered years Senior 4-H youth experience the legislative process first hand. Youth are exposed the full political scene Activities range from debating bills to socializing with advocates and opponents

12 National 4-H Congress For senior 4-H members Designed to teach participants the citizen’s political approach to community action for youth Youth delegates participate in programs that focus on citizenship, leadership and communication.

13 National 4-H Conference Held in Chevy Chase, Maryland Involves youth, volunteers and staff in determining 4-H program directions at all levels Participants are involved in an array of operations committees, consulting groups, pre/post conference commitments and obligations.

14 Citizenship Washington Focus Held at the National 4-H Center Participants broaden their appreciation for other cultures, increase their commitment to citizen involvement, understand the importance of civic and social responsibilities, and participate in a 4-H experience at the national level.


16 SpecTra Special Training in Spectacular Tradition (SpecTra) Targets youth ages 14 to 18. 20 hours of intensive instruction in a specific program area

17 Clothing Board Offers 4-H members, volunteer leaders and County Extension Agents an opportunity to help determine and expand the 4-H clothing program Applications are solicited in the fall Youth and adults may apply

18 4-H Youth Technology Team Focus toward incorporating technology into current projects and developing an individual 4-H project that would attract youth interested in computer technology Applications solicited in the fall Youth and adults may apply

19 Texas Sheep and Goat Youth Leadership Workshop A week-long intensive training tour of the Texas sheep and goat industry Learn about all facets of the industry Offered to junior and senior age youth during the summer of odd numbered years.

20 National Dairy Conference For 15 to 18 year-olds who have participated in the 4-H Dairy Program for at least three years Held in conjunction with the World Dairy Expo and the National Dairy Cattle Judging Contest in Madison, Wisconsin in October

21 Food and Nutrition Project Team The purpose is to promote education and activities through the 4-H food and nutrition project Meets two times each year Youth, at least 14 years of age, and adults may serve on the project team. All members serve a two-year term

22 Food and Nutrition Ambassadors The purpose is to provide support to the county, district, regional and state Extension staff in an effort to promote the 4-H Food and Nutrition project 4-H members must be at least a freshman or 14 years of age as of August 31 of the current 4-H year.

23 Shooting Sports Ambassadors Senior 4-H Shooting Sports members may apply from July through the end of November to be 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassadors Ambassadors represent the program and the state at a variety of events and promote the program in their regions.

24 Texas Pork Producers Association Pork Leadership Camp S week-long intensive training tour of the pork industry across Texas Participants learn about the production, marketing, processing and merchandising of pork, and critical issues facing the pork industry

25 Sportfishing Volunteer Training Volunteer leaders and junior leaders are encouraged to participate in both basic and advanced training in this discipline area Using a team approach permits a county to form a functional group with a broad array of skills to convey to youth

26 Texas Brigades Four half-day programs for youth ages 13- 17 There are four programs to choose from: –Bobwhite Brigade –Feathered Forces –Buckskin Brigade –Bass Brigade

27 County Leadership Opportunities

28 Now What? Share the information you have learned Encourage 4-H members to attend leadership trainings Promote leadership at all levels Have attendees share experiences with others

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