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Opportunities. Overview Importance of extracurricular activities to young people Opportunities available for young people in agriculture Defining success.

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1 Opportunities

2 Overview Importance of extracurricular activities to young people Opportunities available for young people in agriculture Defining success Preparing young people for adulthood and careers

3 Other opportunities besides showing livestock must be presented to young people. Extracurricular activities help young people gain leadership and life skills. Opportunities include: –Judging contests –Livestock camps –Scholarships –Skillathons –Career preparation Importance of Extracurricular Activities

4 Young people should know that extracurricular activities require commitment. Adults must support and encourage young people in their activities. Many young people are unsure whether they have what it takes to be leaders. Introducing young people to opportunities in agriculture can stimulate their interest. In many extracurricular activities young people can form close-knit groups. Importance of Extracurricular Activities

5 Leadership skills gained from extracurricular activities can be used in service learning projects. Service learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities Service learning activities help young people engage in self reflection and self-discovery, and acquire values, skills and knowledge. Extracurricular Activities and Service Learning

6 Example: A showmanship clinic conducted by senior members for younger kids Seniors plan the event and work one-on-one with younger kids. Seniors gain communication and leadership skills. Service Learning and Livestock Projects

7 Participants learn to respect the leaders of organizations. Learning respect is an example of positive character education. Respect focuses on honoring the worth and dignity of others, as well as themselves. Young people learn to deal respectfully with others, even those who seem not to deserve respect. Respect Through Service Learning

8 There are many opportunities, such as 4-H and FFA events that occur year-round. Some opportunities allow young people to travel across Texas and the U.S. Opportunities can be competitive or strictly informational. These events acquaint young people with agricultural careers. Opportunities for Young People in Agriculture

9 Beef –Beef Quiz Bowl –Beef Educational Presentation / Method Demonstration Sheep and Meat Goat –Texas 4-H Goat Camp –Howard College Goat and Lamb Camps –Aggieland Lamb and Goat Camp –Goat Judging Contest and and Goat Bowl –Goat Kid Giveaway Program –Texas Sheep and Goat Youth Leadership Workshop –Sheep Skillathon –Sheep and/or Goat Educational Presentation/ Method Demonstration –Sheep and Goat Showmanship Clinics Opportunities for Youth

10 Swine –Texas Pork Producers Association Pork Leadership Tour –Texas Junior Livestock Association Pig Camp –Swine Skillathon –Swine Educational Presentation/Method Demonstration Judging –4-H Livestock Judging –FFA Career Development Livestock Judging –Texas A&M University Livestock Judging Camp –Mohair Judging Contest –FFA Career Development Wool Judging Contest –Wool Judging Contest For other 4-H and FFA activities see: or Opportunities

11 Success – the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted Failure – not achieving what you desire, plan or attempt Success is not about winning or losing. Defining Success

12 Confident Hard workers Failure increases their motivation to work harder Challenge themselves Take credit for success and take responsibility for failure Characteristics of Successful People

13 Doubt themselves and are anxious Dont work very hard Give up when things dont go well Just go through the motions without much effort Believe someone else controls whether they succeed or fail Characteristics of Unsuccessful People

14 Adults are responsible for helping young people explore career options. Adults can help young people determine if college is right for them. Adults can help with college applications and with loan and scholarship applications. Preparing Youth for Adulthood and Careers

15 Adults can help young people connect with those who can answer questions about college and careers. County Extension agents, ag. science teachers and 4-H specialists can help. If given the resources, young people can see the opportunities available in agriculture. Preparing Youth for Adulthood and Careers

16 Career selection starts about age 10. Adults must help in the career selection process. Young people who participate in agricultural activities will know about agricultural career options. Career Selection Process

17 Adults should guide and encourage young people as they explore different career and college paths. Whatever path a young person takes, it is the adults responsibility to guide and support. Adults should emphasize the importance of striving for success in whatever they do. Getting young people involved in extracurricular activities associated with agriculture increases the likelihood that they will pursue agricultural careers. Overview

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