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Teen Led Camping Opportunities. State Camps Junior Leadership Conference Fashion Camp Food and Fitness Camp Citizenship Camp LOST Camp (Louisiana Outdoor.

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1 Teen Led Camping Opportunities

2 State Camps Junior Leadership Conference Fashion Camp Food and Fitness Camp Citizenship Camp LOST Camp (Louisiana Outdoor Skills and Technology)

3 Louisiana State Teen Boards Objectives – Increase youth voice in state program – Offer additional opportunity for youth and adult partnerships – Increase leadership skills among teens – Increase engagement and retention of teens in Louisiana 4-H – expand technical, subject matter knowledge relative to the respective board. – Increase programming in parishes

4 Louisiana State Teen Boards Executive Committee Food and Fitness (Healthy Living) SET Citizenship Fashion Shooting Sports Ambassadors

5 Selection Process Executive Committee – elected by peers after completing a written and phone interview screening process All other Boards – selected by an interview and application process Selected during State event held in June

6 High Quality Teen Leadership Programs: What the Research Says? Keep Programs Flexible (Astroth; and Wingerter, Kleon and King) Empower and Provide Automony (Astroth; Morland; and Huebner) Exercise Good Communication (Astroth; Morland; and Wingerter, Kleon and King) Practice and Value Service (Astroth)

7 What the Research Says? Take Time for Training (Astroth) Equal Balance Between Fun and Work (Astroth; Wingerter, Kleon and King) Emphasize Experiences (Morland) Newcomers Mentored Helping to Understand Culture and Opportunities (Astroth; Morland) Support and Affirm (Astroth)

8 Camp planning process 3-4 meetings – different locations Includes education, teambuilding, social time and planning time Create teaching teams paired with adult to develop youth/adult partnerships

9 Dos for Working with 4-H Youth Involve them from the very beginning, before its too late for them to be a part of a meaningful change Give youth responsibility Take youth input seriously

10 Dos for Working with 4-H Youth Act as a responsible role-modelyouth will respect what you teach them Include as many youth as possible Be honest and stick to promises Think of youth oriented problems (after school activities, transportation)

11 Donts for Working with 4-H Youth Forget to show them the steps needed to do the task Ask youth to attend meetings and not use their ideas Invite the youth for image reasons Mislead youth into thinking you can do something that you cant

12 Donts for Working with 4-H Youth F orget youth ideas during implementation Set meetings at times youth cant attend Involve youth so late in the process that all the decisions are already made Use youth as a stamp of approval

13 Challenges… lessons learned Transportation – variety of adult sponsors in different locations Communication – Facebook, text, email, call Adults providing too much input – training Teens need specific guidance on how to teach others – experiential learning model, practice

14 If it is about us……. Dont do it without us!

15 Board the Bus! Lets go Camping!

16 Fashion Board Main Focus – Apparel and Textiles 30 teens – 6 adult faculty and volunteers 3 meetings plus Fashion Trip Responsibilities: – Fashion Camp – Fashion Show at 4-H University

17 Fashion Camp Target audience 5 th – 8th graders One night Basic clothing construction Fashion board members duties – Plan camp – Plan teaching activities – One on one instruction with campers – Work with adult volunteers in partnership to execute every portion of the camp

18 Executive Committee State officers and representatives 32 youth - 3 faculty, 3 volunteers 1 year term Responsible for: – Junior Leadership Conference (350 teens) ViVa La 4-H … Deal out the Leadership – 4-H University program (speakers, decorations) – Serving on State Committees with equal power (4-H U, Foundation, Camp)

19 Executive Committee 4 planning meetings – Summer- begin planning events and assign to committees – Fall- plan JLC and determine tracks to be taught – Winter -finalize JLC plans and plan 4-H University – Spring- finalize plans for 4-H University Communicate via Facebook, text, email Track reports due throughout the year

20 Citizenship Board Main Focus-Service Learning 25 teens – 5 adults Responsibilities: – Implement State Service Learning Project Annually – Citizenship Camp LA Connections - a road trip across Louisiana to learn about our culture, government and people 4-H Day at the Capital program

21 Food and Fitness Board Serve a one year term, may be reappointed 25 members -6 adult faculty and volunteer sponsors Responsible for: – Food and Fitness Camp –(Wild about Food and Fitness) 100 4-H youth –( 4 th -6 th grade) Board designs and develops tracks Board members teach tracks - Parish and regional food and fitness events

22 Food and Fitness Board Summer board meeting – elect officers and begin yearly plan Winter board meeting – finalize plan for food and fitness camp Food and fitness camp –spring of the year

23 SET Board Main Focus: Science, Engineering and Technology Responsibilities: – LOST Camp ( 250 7 th -8 th grade) Improve Science literacy and aptitude Raise awareness for careers within Science, Engineering and Technology Develop camp opportunities for 7 th and 8 th graders Track areas: Kitchen Chemistry, Forensic Science, Robotics, Wetlands, Energy, Rocketry, Outdoor Skills, Videography, Recycling – Organize SET activities on local level

24 Shooting Sports Ambassadors Newest formed board Main focus – Shooting Sports, Outdoor skills 15 youth – 2 adult faculty and volunteers Responsibilities : – Regional and State Competition – Outdoor skills track at LOST Camp – Outdoor skills track at Summer Camp – Promote program at various community events

25 Recognition/Celebration LSU 4-H Tailgate & Game 4-H Night at Hornets Governors Mansion Dinner SRTLC 4-HUniversity

26 Evaluations 100% of participants were able to think independently and have a positive feeling about their future. 97% increased their subject matter knowledge related to the Board they served on; mastered leadership skills, and improved their ability to communicate with others.

27 Teens said: I met so many new people and I felt that my voice and ideas were really heard. It was the greatest leadership experience yet. The lessons I learned have helped me to lead my club in a positive direction.

28 The more we increase the active participation and partnership with young people, the better we serve them. … And the more comprehensively we work with them as service partners, the more we increase our public value to the entire community. - Carmen Martinez

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