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Ch. 1: “Introduction to Science”

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1 Ch. 1: “Introduction to Science”
Section 1.1: “The Nature of Science”

2 1. Compare and contrast the two main branches of physical science.
Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. Physics is the study of forces and energy and their interaction with matter.

3 2. Explain how science and technology depend on each other.
Technology is the application of science. Improving technology involves someone finding a use for a scientific discovery. However, some scientific discoveries cannot be made until the technology for making the necessary observations exists.

4 3. Explain how a scientific theory differs from a guess or an opinion.
A guess or an opinion is usually an unsupported statement. A scientific theory is one that has been repeatedly tested through observations.

5 4. Define scientific law and give an example.
A scientific law states a repeated observation about nature. Examples: Laws of Gravity and the Laws of Conservation of Matter.

6 5. Compare and contrast a scientific law and a scientific theory.
A law does not attempt to explain why something happens; a theory does.

7 6. Compare quantitative and qualitative descriptions.
Quantitative descriptions use numbers. Qualitative descriptions do not.

8 7. Describe how a scientific model is used, and give an example of a scientific model.
A model is used to study or make predictions about the object or situation the model represents. Models are also used when an object or situation is too complex. A computer simulation of the launch of a new kind of rocket is an example of a model.

9 8. Creative Thinking How do you think Roentgen’s training as a scientist affected the way he responded to his discovery? Instead of being disappointed, he decided to experiment to find out more about his “failure.”

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