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color code vocabulary words and definitions

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1 color code vocabulary words and definitions
write it down! important ideas and concepts write it down review and supplementary information you should know most of this, I wouldn’t write down a lot FYI – all presentations (notes) reviewed in class will be available on the school website by the weekend.

2 how science happens… scientists… investigate experiment observe test
A scientist may perform experiments to find a new aspect of the natural world, to explain a known phenomenon, to check the results of other experiments, or to test the predictions of current theories. observe test

3 how do we organize science?
Science has many branches

4 branches of science (cont)
natural science is divided into life science, physical science and earth science

5 but… what is science? science
the knowledge obtained by observing natural events and conditions in order to discover facts and formulate laws or principles that can be verified or tested pure science is the continuing search for scientific knowledge practical science is what we call technology the application of science for practical purposes

6 scientific laws & theories
a descriptive statement or equation that reliably predicts events under certain conditions theory a system of ideas that explains many related observations and is supported by a large body of evidence acquired through scientific investigation laws tell you what happened theories tell you why it happened

7 scientific laws & theories (cont)
experimental results should support laws and theories if they don’t, the law or theory may need to be modified for this reason scientific theories are always being questioned and examined to be valid, a theory must: explain observations be repeatable be predictable

8 scientific laws & theories (cont)
laws and theories can be stated in two ways qualitative statement describes something with words quantitative statement describes something with mathematical equations For example: Newton’s Second Law A body of mass m subject to a force undergoes an acceleration that has the same direction as the force and a magnitude that is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass. F = ma, force = mass x acceleration

9 using models in science…
a representation of an object or event that can be studied to understand the real object or event scientists use models to study objects and events that are… too big too small examples: conceptual model of the atom (WAYYY too tiny to study) computer models of the universe (WAYYY too big to study)

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