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Household Electricity

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1 Household Electricity

2 Generating Electricity
An electric generator converts a mechanical power source into electricity The United States used coal, methane, biomass, and nuclear fuels for most power plants These plants heat water into steam which then turns a turbine, which then turns the generator

3 The electricity created at a power plant has high voltage.
This is why we have high voltage power lines (on large metal towers) This voltage is stepped down with transformers until it is finally the 120 volts that enters your home

4 Alternative Energy All power plants described so far heat water to turn the turbines and generate electricity Hydroelectric power plants use moving water to turn the turbines Wind generators use wind to turn the propellers, which then turns the turbine and generates electricity

5 Solar Energy Solar energy can be used in two methods to generate electricity The first method is to focus the light and heat water, which turns a turbine like most other power plants Sunlight can also be used by photovoltaic cells (solar cells) to directly convert light into electricity This is what happens to in your solar calculator

6 Using Electricity Household use of electricity typically is in one of three forms Motion – motors Heat – ovens, toasters, Light – lightbulbs A meter on the side of the house measures how much electricity you use so the power company can send you a bill

7 An electric bill measures and charges based on kilowatt hours
A standard incandescent light bulb uses 100 watts; therefore, using it for 1 hour will use .1kW hours A local power company charges Energy $ per kWh

8 Additional appliance info
The 100 watt light bulb uses 100 watts of power (.9 amps and 110 volts) Additional appliance info Heat pump or central air 15,000 watts Water heater or clothes drier 4,000 watts Water pump 3,000 watts Space heater 1,500 watts Hair dryer 1,200 watts Electric range burner 1,000 watts Refrigerator 1,000 watts Computer and monitor 400 watts

9 Additional Sites and info
How much coal is required to run a 100-watt light bulb 24 hours a day for a year? About Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL) Why are my power bills so high? Which appliances use the most power?

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