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Energy transformation

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1 Energy transformation

2 Types of Energy There are many types of energy including: Kinetic
Potential Mechanical Heat Light Sound Electrical Chemical Nuclear Magnetic Elastic

3 Law of Conservation of Energy
The Law of conservation of energy says that energy is never gained or lost, it just changes form.

4 Energy conversion Any type of energy can be changed into any other type of energy if you have the right tools.

5 Light energy to chemical energy
Plants use chloroplasts to turn light energy into chemical energy

6 Chemical energy to mechanical energy
We use mitochondria in our cells to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy

7 Other types of energy conversion
Radios convert electromagnetic energy (light energy) to sound energy. Cell phones can convert sound to light or light to sound Specialized floor tiles can convert kinetic energy from footsteps into electrical energy. (Pavegen page)

8 Electricity generation
Our world today runs on electric energy. We have developed many ways to convert other types of energy into electricity: Fossil fuels Solar power Wind power Nuclear power Geothermal power Hydroelectric power

9 Heat energy to electrical energy
Heated water can form steam which can be used to spin a turbine (kinetic energy), which then produces electricity (electrical energy), which can then be used to light your house (light energy), spin your fan (kinetic energy,) heat your oven (heat energy) etc…





14 Energy use in the United States
Worldwide, 85% of our electricity comes from fossil fuels. The US uses about 20% of the world’s electricity, and has 5% of the world’s population. How does Utah do?

15 Which means… there are lots of ways to charge your smart phone 
Bug power

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