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Documentary Impulse DETI August 2007 Tamara Ashley.

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1 Documentary Impulse DETI August 2007 Tamara Ashley

2 What is documentary impulse? ‘an impatient response of theatre to pressing historical conditions and documentary impulse includes strategies of including current newspaper and radio reports into theatrical performance.’ Atilio Favorini In my practice the term helps me explain how I, and others, are exploring impulses to document and cultivating a performative way of interacting in the world through the use of social technologies.

3 Social technologies in performance blogging chat and video links web sites cell phones and other everyday portable technologies as performance tools The online environment as a performance, a literary form, an archive, an evolving realm of meaning and possibility. Many social technologies are free, if you have an internet connection.

4 examples 59-34B5-4207-9755-3DB7565C4DDA.html

5 the DETI blog The blog is designed to enable all DETI participants to contribute to and collaborate on an evolving and live performative document of the workshop. Ownership is collaborative both in terms of authorship, and later citation, and in terms of responsibility for content.

6 DETI blog organization Main/home page - daily general blog roll, maintained by Tamara and Matt. Participant contributions are welcome. Tamara will set up a skeleton each day and you are invited to add to it. Documentary Impulse Resources - further resources, readings and websites on performance on the net and in the landscape. Participant pages - a page for each one of you to create and document responses to workshops and events this week - you can organise this however you wish. Workshop pages - a page for each workshop for which the scribe will have responsibility for initiating some content. This is also a space to share group projects created in a particular workshop or continue worthwhile discussions that you were not able to finish in the workshop time.

7 How to write your page Go to and log in Username: your first name Password: deti2007 Go to ‘manage’ and then ‘pages’. Your page will be there - click on edit on the row where your name appears. A text box will appear - you’re ready to begin writing! Images, sound and video will need to be uploaded onto your computer before you can add them.

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