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Supported Employment Demonstration Sites 2010/2011.

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1 Supported Employment Demonstration Sites 2010/2011

2 A framework that commits to supporting disabled people into sustainable work. Raise awareness: Promoting employment opportunities for all; promoting health and wellbeing Invest to save Integrated into local employment services Focus on paid employment Improve quality and consistency of services. Supported Employment Framework

3 75% of the 91 services identified and badged as ‘supported employment’ may not be operating within the definition’ ‘The scoping study was also unable to suggest what level of employment outcomes are being achieved through Supported Employment services. Thus there is no possibility at this time of benchmarking services.’ ‘Value for money may not be universally delivered at present, but indications are it could be if a more standardised approach is used’ Background to Framework

4 Relationship between local strategic planning level and service providers Committed to paid employment for disabled people A supported employment service that exhibits basice features and principles of s.e. A service with capacity to undertake development activities, to collect and use monitoring data Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health/ Mental Health Foundation (MHF). Demonstration Sites

5 Promoting clarity: what are the defining characteristics of supported employment Benchmarking services’ activities Defining outcomes for monitoring Sharing Learning The Framework’s Activities

6 Learning Portal

7 Supported Employment Services provide individualised support to secure people with disabilities, long term conditions and multiple barriers to work a sustainable, paid job in the open labour market. What is Supported Employment?

8 ‘Place and train’ approach not ‘train and place’... 1.Focus on competitive employment as a primary goal 2.Eligibility based on the individual’s choice 3.Rapid job search, minimal pre-vocational training 4.Employment team integrates with health and social care 5.Individualised support to enable real attention to client preferences 6.Availability of time unlimited support 7.Individualised welfare benefits counselling. Supported Employment Principles

9 The 5 Stage Approach to Supported Employment The Framework for Supported Employment in Scotland Engagement Vocational Job Finding Employer On / Off the Job by SE Service Profiling Engagement Support and Aftercare Supported Employment Stages – supporting the aspiration towards 16+ hours of work Helping Identifying Identifying the Finding out Providing help, disabled skills and preferred job about the information people most preferences for through workplace and backup to distanced from work, giving employer environment, the employee the labour work engagement, co-workers and their market to experiences also providing and the employer, make that will help support to the ‘supports’ a developing informed the individual employer person might independence choices on make their need through natural their own own supports in the future vocational workplace choices

10 A scale to measure supported employment services against a model of good practice Effects of intervention depend on how it is delivered Programmes that faithfully implement the key elements of supported employment have better outcomes For supported employment, this means higher competitive employment rates A validated scale is available for employability services working with mental health services Promoting good practice

11 Three sections: staffing, organisation, and services 25 items define the critical components of supported employment Each item rated on a 5-point scale – ranging from 1 = no implementation to 5 = full implementation The Fidelity Scale

12 MHF organised a fidelity scale training: – Participants agreed scale could fit to their skills and service – Participants saw improvements that could be made in their service – Agreed fidelity assessment best by outsiders: peer process Reiterates integrated employability approach needed Agreed assessment useful in Scotland and for generic services Scottish tool to be made available soon. The Fidelity Scale in Scotland

13 Staffing: Maximum scored for caseload < 20 Organisation: – Zero exclusion criteria – Focus on competitive employment Exemplary services offered include: – Benefits planning/money advice – Ongoing work based vocational assessment – Individualised job search – Individualised follow on support in work EBSE_FS reveals good practice

14 Sustainable work for service users Health gains for service users Increased employability of service users Reduced need for day care, L.A.s People moving off out of work benefits, DWP Freeing up families time, so more people moving into work Reduced staff turnover and enhanced reputation for employers. Outcomes of supported employment

15 The Paradigm Shift No grounds for selecting people on the basis of their ‘work readiness’ or ‘employability’ Focus should be on employment through job matching based on client skills and preferences, rapid job search and support for as long as necessary Welfare systems support the transition to employment Health, social care and employment support should be integrated Sustainable funding.

16 Briefly describe the performance monitoring system or (commissioning guidelines)of your agency/service What process does it explore? What outcomes does it measure? Which Supported Employment principles are measured? What do you think you should be measuring? Exercise

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