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Art Classroom Expectations Mrs. Cavenaugh 2008-2009.

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1 Art Classroom Expectations Mrs. Cavenaugh 2008-2009

2 Rules School Rules: 1.Be On Time so you don’t miss classroom instruction. 2.Work carefully so that you will succeed. 3.Act respectfully to classmates and adults. 4.Quiet in the halls so everyone may learn. 5.Walk in the school so everyone is safe.

3 Others Work Quietly. Use kind words and help others. Stay in your own personal space. Listen to and follow directions. Classroom Rules: Respect… Myself Do my best. Be on time. Follow the rules. Property Ask Permission to use other people’s things. Leave school and classroom property where it belongs. Use materials safely and properly.

4 Consequences 1 st Infraction-Warning 2 nd Infraction-Note Home 3 rd Infraction- Timeout/Note Home 4 th Infraction-Alternative Time Out (in another classroom) 5 th Infraction-Office Referral Automatic Office Referral-stealing, cheating, fighting

5 Art Room Pledge I promise to follow the school and classroom rules. I understand that if I do not follow the rules, then there will be consequences. I take full responsibility of my actions in the art room. I will do what is necessary to make this a successful year.

6 Entering the Room Walk in quietly. Sit in your assigned seat. Wait patiently and quietly for class to begin.

7 Work Time Work quietly. Stay in your own space. You must ask permission before leaving your seat. Raise your hand silently if you need something. Always try your best!

8 Clean-Up Stop, look and listen when lights go out. Follow teachers directions. Organize materials. Sit in your seat quietly. Wait patiently and quietly to wash and line-up.

9 Line-Up Wait silently for teacher to call your table. Only silent tables will be called to line up. Line up silently facing the door on your side of the room (Chon on teachers’ desks side). Leave the art room silently.

10 Captains There will be two captains per class. There will be two co-captains per class to substitute if the captains are absent. You will pass out materials at the beginning of class. You will put materials away at the end of class. You will wipe tables if they need it. If you are captain then you will be the last to line up.

11 In Case of an Emergency Immediately stop what you are doing. Line up silently facing the back door (Chon by teachers’ desks, Cavenaugh by construction paper cabinets). Listen carefully to the teachers directions. Walk silently out of room.

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