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1 CB SOUTH XC 2015

2 INTRODUCTIONS Lauren McNelis- head coach Kerri Nash- asst. coach
Jason Gable- asst. coach Mike Cox- asst. coach

3 Captains Lindsey Quinn Caroline Muehlbronner Liz Bird

4 Captains Matt Scarpill Alex Green Colin Mulloy

5 WHAT IS XC? Everyone runs 5K (5 kilometer = 3.1 miles) The place that you finish is your score We get a team score by adding up the first 5 finishers scores/places If there is a tie, we use 6th place on each team In XC, the team with the LOWEST score wins! Example: CBS places: 1, 4, 5, 8, 10 total = 28 Other school: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9 total = 27 **winner**

6 Schedule On the website EVERYONE attends each meet (running or not)
Dual meets Wednesdays Against local schools One girls race/One boys race Start at 3:30 pm (boys race, then girls)

7 Schedule Invitational meets Saturdays
Against local and non-local schools Girls JV and Varsity Boys JV and Varsity Start times vary Information about meets: Bus: 15 mins before time listed

8 Schedule Championships: League champs & District champs EVERYONE runs!
Friday meets, at Lehigh Univ. State Champs: qualify at Districts, held in Hershey Leaving meets with parents: AD for permission, forward reply to me

9 Expectations of Athletes
Attendance Be at practice each day, and all meets 1 excused absence allowed per week McNelis sickness, family emergency, funeral, college visit, extra help in school NO unexcused absences allowed Work, etc. Athlete will not run in next meet if this occurs

10 Expectations of Athletes
Attendance… cont’d Special circumstances? Contact us Work to their full potential each day Run their hardest in meets Sportsmanship, respectful behavior

11 Expectations of Parents
Sportsmanship Guidelines Communication Via ( address on website) Permissible: sickness, personal problems, lateness, inability to make a team function, academic concerns. Not permissible: playing time, lineup concerns, personnel discussions, contest strategy

12 Other EQUIPMENT: Running sneakers
Fitted PROPERLY at a running specialty store (not Foot Locker/Dicks/Modell’s!) Stores: Bucks County Running Co. North Wales Running Co. Running watch Racing Spikes Water bottle Running clothes

13 Other Training philosophy Life-long runners
Peaking for big meets (championships) Varsity status Top 7 runners, based on time Can change each meet Coaches have executive decision Varsity letter: based on total season performance, coaches discretion

14 PAPERWORK FAMILY ID (see letter)
Still need to print out and hand in page 6 of PIAA physical (after filled out by doctor) Physical must be dated after June 1st. Practicing at other locations… permission forms

15 SUMMER PRACTICES Monday thru Thursday each week
8 am for Mon, Tues, Wed 6 pm for Thurs Expectation is that athletes are there each day unless I have an from parents. Attendance at summer practices will determine eligibility for first few meets Training programs will be ed to kids (sent out June on Monday) Flexible- the kids need to get their runs in, but should work it around their schedule Boys vs. Girls training

16 What we need from you… Fundraising Clothing orders Pasta Parties
Senior Night help


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