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Analyze the critical approaches to explaining crime.

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1 Analyze the critical approaches to explaining crime.

2  Labeling Theory- emphasizes the criminalization process as the cause of some crime.  Criminalization process- the way people and actions are defined as criminal(How people become criminals)

3  Secondary Deviance- costs of crime following the 1 st criminal act and the acceptance of a criminal label.  Primary Deviance- causes of initial criminal acts are vague.  Stigmatized- negatively labeled from a criminal act  Self-fulfilling Prophecy- self image defined by a label  Reintegrating Shaming- Disappointment is expressed for offenders actions

4  Conflict Theory- society based on conflict between competing interest groups  Power differentials-ability of some groups to dominate other groups in society.  Relative Powerlessness- the inability to dominate other groups in society

5  Radical Theory- theories of crime causation that are generally based on Marxist theory of class struggle  Class Struggle- competing among wealthy and poor people which causes crime

6  Left Realist- social scientist who argue that critical criminologist need to redirect their attention to the fear and the very real victimization experienced by working class people (Focus on Fear)  Peacemaking Criminology-solutions to all social problems are transformation of human beings, mutual dependencies, creating communities of caring people, universal social justice( Change people by changing their environment)

7  Feminist Theory- focus on women’s experience and seeks to abolish men's control over women’s labor and sexuality.  Postmodernism- are of critical thought which, among other things, attempts to understand the creation of knowledge, and how knowledge and language create hierarchy and domination (hierarchy can cause crime)

8 Article plus Questions Omit #1 Website: Show how labeling can cause more problems 4 Corners Sex offenders should have to Register with Megan’s law

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