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Brazil:Ireland Science Week 2015 Kevin Burke, ICT Commercialisation Team, Research and Innovation Division. Contact me:

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1 Brazil:Ireland Science Week 2015 Kevin Burke, ICT Commercialisation Team, Research and Innovation Division. Contact me: +353 86

2 Our mission We help innovative Irish companies become leading global players in markets worldwide Enterprise Ireland’s role


4 Driving entrepreneurship Fostering innovation Delivering international scale Seeding for future growth Enterprise Ireland strategy

5 Partnering with Irish industry

6 Research and innovation Focus for today Government mandate to drive industry-academia collaboration and research commercialisation activity Impact of State innovation supports

7 Role of Research and Innovation Division in EI Maximise the economic impact (jobs and export sales) from the state’s investment in 3rd level research and institutions: Supporting Industry to Collaborate with Academic Institutions and Commercialise the Outputs (“Technology Pull”) Drive Academic Research Outputs into the Commercial World (“Technology Push”) Drive In-Company R&D

8 R&D Support EU, H2020 and ESA access funding and research partners across Europe Technology Gateways collaborate in clusters of companies and access equipment and technology in Institutes of Technology Innovation Partnerships up to €400,000 available for collaborative projects between companies and research teams in Higher Education The R&D Fund grants for inhouse R&D projects, small and large, and collaboration bonuses for company-to-company collaboration Innovation Vouchers €5,000 for small companies to get innovative solutions to technical and business challenges Technology Centres industry-led research in emerging technology sectors Helping companies of all sizes to engage in Research and Innovation

9 Enterprise Ireland innovation and R&D supports

10 Commercialisation Pipeline




14 Support collaboration between companies and research teams in Higher Education Institutes. Independent evaluation shows that for every €1 invested by Enterprise Ireland, the participating company’s turnover increased by €6.69. Innovation Partnerships

15 What? Market-driven, rapid response and collaborative development centres Established & led by industry for the benefit of companies, sector and wider economy EI and IDA supported initiative Why? Need for companies to capitalise on near term technology opportunities to compete Problems/opportunities in every sector/technology area that are larger than any single company can tackle alone Technology Centres provide an ideal vehicle to achieve this Focus on near term technology requirements Leverage state investment in research skills, knowhow & infrastructure Drive company-company-college collaborations Focus on economic impact of job creation

16 Benefits to the State Helps groups of companies to become more innovative leading to increased employment Increases the attractiveness & usage of the national knowledge infrastructure to existing companies, new start-ups and foreign investors “sweat the assets” Differentiates Ireland as a leading location for commercialisation (accelerating core commercialisation process – Knowledge Transfer Ireland) Develops licences and new spinouts in key sectors Sustains existing business sectors and positions for medium term growth Increases attractiveness of Ireland as an FDI location - Further embeds existing FDI Researchers become more immersed in industry problems – better research system Increases linkages between SMEs and MNCs (more clustering) Punches above the weight of individual investments – economies of scale achieved by investing in collaborative centres

17 Benefits to Industry Solutions to challenges & opportunities that companies cannot readily achieve on their own Enables companies to develop deeper, more sophisticated technology roadmaps Accelerates and increases the scale and ambition of company R&D Platform for business to business linkages (SMEs/MNCs/ Overseas) Supply of trained people Encouraged to do related company specific collaborative projects Ultimately leading to improved business competitiveness e.g.: –Retention/Increased turnover –New processes, products –Spinouts –Access to new markets –Cost savings Signal of Ireland’s commitment to the sector

18 Current Status 16 Technology Centres established in Ireland Led by industry Agile, responsive, rapid 333 companies engaged - (Market Focused): ICT – Microelectronics, Cloud, Analytics & eLearning Manufacturing & Materials Food & Health Energy Business Process & Financial Services

19 16 Current Technology Centres 1.Biorefining and Bioenergy [][ 2.IT Innovation [] 3.Applied Nanotechnology [] 4.Composite Materials [] 5.Microelectronics [] 6.Food for Health Ireland [] 7.Manufacturing Research [] 8.Energy Efficiency [] 9.International Energy Research Centre [] 10.Learnovate Centre [] 11.Cloud Computing [] 12.Financial Services Governance, Risk and Compliance [] 13.Connected Health – ARCH – [] 14.Data Analytics – CeADAR – [] 15.Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – [] 16.Dairy Processing


21 Commercialisation Pipeline

22 Drive Academic Research Outputs into the Commercial World (“Technology Push”) SFI TIDA: develop technical proof of principle (12 months: €100k to €200k) EI Commercial case feasibility: €15K – 3 months Commercialisation consultancy assistance to validate the market opportunity Develop “commercial proof of principle” before state funds the technical development aspects of any resulting comm fund project EI Commercialisation Fund €100K to €400k: 9 months to 3 years Fund the development of innovation at all stages of the commercial pipeline to the point where they can be commercialised as new products, services and companies. Technical development, prototypes, demonstrators, pilot trials, commercial validation, business model, founding team formation and business plan Outputs: Licenses to industry Spin out companies

23 A co-founders matchmaking programme to match commercially experienced entrepreneurs with technically talented co- founders to form investible, commercially sustainable spin-out companies from Irish research performing organisations (3 rd level) Business Partners Programme


25 Further increase the quality and quantity of spin-out companies (“HPSUs”) arising from the state’s investment in commercialisation of research Match commercial experience (entrepreneurs) with technical talent (PIs/Researchers) to reduce management and execution risk and accelerate time to external equity investment and commercial traction in 3 rd level spin out companies High Potential Start Up (HPSU); within 3 to 4 years: Capable of employing 10 employees or more €1m + in sales (largely exports) HQ in Ireland New Innovative products/services (defensible IP) on international markets Programme objectives

26 Some success stories to date

27 Future of the Irish research and innovation system: -Development and implementation of best practice -Consistent approach to licensing and technology transfer -Company and entrepreneur friendly

28 The National IP Protocol in Ireland Framework for industry to access public research - published 2012 Developed by industry, investors, technology transfer, government Mandated the creation of a central Technology Transfer Office –Established September 2013 –Formally launched as KTI May 2014

29 29

30 A centralised function KTI takes a national perspective on the knowledge transfer system One organisation ensures a system-wide approach for Ireland

31 KTI stakeholders KTI Research funding agencies RPOsBusinessInvestorsGov’t Policy makers TTOs/ KTOs State agencies

32 The impact from KTI – driving business success Highlights of first cycle of technology transfer system support: LOA increased 7 fold Spin-outs increased 450% Culture change Skilled profession developed State was able to measure activity

33 Impact of State innovation supports Technology transfer outputs 2007-2013

34 Thank You Kevin Burke, ICT Commercialisation Team, Research and Innovation Division, Enterprise Ireland. Email: Phone: +353 86 9852697

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