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European R&D Funding Opportunities

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1 European R&D Funding Opportunities
Robert Bunn, Invest Northern Ireland

2 Invest Northern Ireland – encouraging Collaboration
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Collaborative Networks Enterprise Europe Network R&D Support Innovation Vouchers Competence Centres

3 Non-EU R&D Funding Programmes

4 Business Engagement in R&D Applying New Knowledge
Technology Led Driving New Knowledge Applying New Knowledge Industry-led research in emerging technology sectors Adoption of Knowledge Companies and research teams in HE/FE collaborating Developing Capacity Grants for in-house R&D projects with collaborative bonuses Building Innovation Assistance to explore how R&D can help your business and help businesses get involved in R&D Support for small companies to get innovative solutions to technical and business challenges Market Led Short Term Reward Long Term Reward

5 Eurostars The Eurostars programmes purpose is to provide funding for market-oriented research and development, specifically with the active participation of R&D-performing SME’s. Collaborative - must involve at least two partners from two different Eurostars member countries. UK Funding for SMEs only at 50% of eligible costs – up to €300,000 per UK partner Eurostars Cut-off 10: Deadline 4th April 2013 Eurostars Cut-off 11: Deadline Autumn 2013 Project duration is no more than 36 months and market introduction is foreseen within 2 years after project ends.

6 + IAPP: Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways
Enhancing industry-academia collaboration Exchange of knowledge via exchange of people Consortium defines the research project topic Commercial Partner in one MS/AC Non-Commercial Partner in another MS/AC +

7 Northern Ireland Successful participation in FP7 Collaborative R&D Funding (2007-2012)
€53 million awarded to NI participants in FP7

8 Invest NI = NICP for Industry/SMEs
EEN NI ONIEB (Brussels) UK NCPs RoI NCPs InterTradeIreland 8

9 SME, entrepreneurs, innovation
at the core of EU2020 strategy

10 ? SME Instrument L Phase 2 Demonstration Phase 1 Market Replication
R&D Phase 1 Concept & Feasibility assessment Phase 3 Commercialisation SME - EU financial facilities Tentative Proposals NOT YET FINALISED ! Phase 1- Feasibility of concept, risk assessment, IP regime, Partner sear, Design study, pilot application intention, business plan Lump sum around 50k euro and duration 6 months Phase 2 – Cost reimbursement 1 to 3m euro funding 12 to 24 months Phase 3 No direct funding but will provide a quality label for successful projects, facilitate access to private finance and potential access to EU debt and equity facilities. Risk assessment, technological & commercial feasibility Partner search, Design study and business plan Demonstration, prototyping, testing , market replication, scaling-up, miniaturisation, research Quality label, access to risk finance, indirect support --- continued support throughout the project 

11 Support Services Available
Identify the most appropriate funding scheme for your project idea and research needs Provide advice on UK and EU funding rules, regulations and eligibility criteria Assist you to find the right partners through the Enterprise Europe Network and ERRIN Signpost you to further specialist events and advice Invest NI financial support for proposal preparation

12 What is the Enterprise Europe Network?
Enterprise Europe NI What is the Enterprise Europe Network? Largest European Commission funded business support network 600 partner organisations 44 countries - Member States and affiliates 6,000 specialist advisors Potential access to circa 20 million European SMEs

13 Enterprise Europe NI Technology / R&D related activities
Consultancy visits Partner searching (including FP7) Dissemination of technology offers and requests Technology missions Partnering & brokerage events Seminars & workshops Commercially related activities European Business Information Commercial collaboration opportunities

14 Travel and Subsistence Costs
Financial Support for Preparing Collaborative R&D applications: Invest NI: Project Definition* Eligible Costs Labour Consultancy Fees Legal Advice Travel and Subsistence Costs * Open to Invest NI client companies and to universities/ research organisations through the FP7 mentoring scheme 14

15 Invest NI Collaborative R&D Team Contact Details
Team Leader Joanne Coyle Tel Collaboration Executives – Northern Ireland Lisa O’Reilly Tel Robert Bunn Tel R&D Liaison Executive – Brussels Farha Brahmi Tel Invest NI Collaborative R&D Team Contact Details

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