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Persuasive Essay Count down – 7 class days until due date

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1 Persuasive Essay Count down – 7 class days until due date
LTs: I can identify the position statement in a persuasive essay. I can use the strategy concession/rebuttal effectively.

2 May 24 Entry Task Get out your prewriting homework
Take a copy of the class set of the Persuasive Essay Scramble. In your notebook, label each letter as either Central Claim (1 total), Main Reasons (3 total), or Supporting Reasons/Facts/Examples (5 total).

3 May 24 Entry Task On new page in your notebook, put today’s date and title the page “Persuasive Writing.” Have your planner out.

4 Assessment Details: Due Dates
In your planner, write this down: A Day Due Date: Thursday, June 16 B Day Due Date: Friday, June 17

5 Homework: Due Wednesday
Fill out the Persuasion Map with your prewriting for your paper. On the back, write down a list of arguments that someone could make that against your position statement – the “other side” of the argument. Write down a list of rebuttal ideas to those point.

6 Assessment Details I.B. Criterion B: Organization
create work that employs organizational structures and language-specific conventions throughout a variety of text types. each paragraph begins with a topic sentence and transitional words are used effectively. The paper begins with an introductory paragraph and has an effective conclusion that uses one of the conclusion strategies we discuss as a class. organize ideas and arguments in a coherent and logical manner. There is a clear central claim/argument in the paper. Everything in the paper supports this claim. The body paragraphs contain reasons that build off each other; the order makes sense. Facts, examples, or anecdotes are used to support each claim and make sense.

7 Persuasive Writing – Definition
Take a position FOR or AGAINST an issue Write to convince the reader to believe or do something.

8 Clear Position AKA thesis statement, central claim, main argument.
Located in the first paragraph (introduction) and usually the last sentence. Tells the reader what the author is arguing for the entire paper.

9 Clear Position – Your Turn
What is your position statement? Write it on the post it note

10 Concession/Rebuttal Concession: Acknowledging or recognizing the opposing viewpoint, conceding something that has some merit Rebuttal: refuting it with another argument

11 Students vs. Teacher: Class Outside
Students argue that they should have class outside because it is finally sunny and warm out, and we don’t get enough sun in the NW. Teacher doesn’t want to take class outside.

12 Class Outside Concession/Rebuttal
Teacher concedes the point: “You’re right, students. It is beautiful outside and I would love to be out there in the sun right now.” Rebuttal: “However, we have students with seasonal allergies, and they would be miserable outside and unable to learn.”

13 Concession/Rebuttal Cont’d
Students’ concession: “Your right that those students would be miserable.” Students’ rebuttal: “That is why we’d be happy to walk them down to the nurse’s office while we go outside.”

14 Role Play: Clover Park School Board vs. Knottingham’s Class
Scenario: The Clover Park School Board wants to change to a year-round calendar (not really; don’t panic!). Our class will go to the meeting to defend our position: We should not move to a year round schedule. At the meeting, the board will present its reasons. We will use the strategy of concession/rebuttal to make our points.

15 Concession/Rebuttal In your groups, brainstorm a list of arguments the school board could make. Then, what will your rebuttal be?

16 Concession/Rebuttal: Give One/Get One
Find a partner. Share your central claims. Give at least one serious rebuttal to your partner’s argument. Write this down. Find and share with two people. Be done at ____________.

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