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World Geography Pretest

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1 World Geography Pretest

2 Objectives You will be able to: Define key geography terms
Identify the equator, prime meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude on a map of the world. Label the continents correctly Label the oceans also

3 Geography terms to Know
A. On the back of your map, define the following terms in your own words: 1. Hemisphere:. 2. Equator: 3. Prime meridian: 4. Longitude lines: 5. Latitude line; 6. Key/legend: Draw a compass rose and label the cardinal and intermediate directions

4 Please label the Prime Meridian and equator on your map

5 Please label (nice and big) a line of longitude and latitude
On your map so I know you know the difference.

6 Now label the seven continents Capital letters please!
on your map in all Capital letters please!

7 Please now label the five major oceans on your map

8 World Geography Pretest Answer Key

9 A. Geography terms to Know
1. Hemisphere: Half of the globe created by the prime meridian or the equator. 2. Equator: An imaginary line around the middle of the earth that divides the globe into the northern and southern hemispheres. 3. Prime meridian: An imaginary line that divides the globe into the eastern and western hemispheres. 4. Longitude: Grid lines on a globe going north and south. 5. Latitude: Grid lines on a globe going east and west. 6. Key/legend: Table that explains the symbols on a map. +1 point for each correct answer

10 B. 8-Point Compass Rose The intermediate directions are northeast (NE), northwest (NW), southwest (SW), and southeast (SE). They are located HALFWAY between the cardinal directions. 8-POINT COMPASS +1 points for each point correctly labeled (total 8 points)

11 Lets check and review the continents
and oceans now! Circle each feature you labeled correctly

12 South America South America is made up of twelve countries.
The Pacific Ocean borders South America to the West, and the Atlantic to the East.

13 North America North America is made up of four countries: Canada is the furthest North, The United States is in the middle, and Mexico is the furthest south. Greenland is an Island of North America, lying Northeast of Canada. There are three Oceans that touch North America, The Arctic to the North, The Pacific to the West, and the Atlantic to the East.

14 Australia Australia as a continent includes the mainland of Australia along with Tasmania and many of the Islands throughout the Pacific Ocean. The Indian Ocean borders the west and south, while the Pacific is on the east.

15 Asia Asia is made up of numerous countries, the largest of which include Russia, China, and India. The Pacific Ocean lies to the east, while the Indian Ocean falls on the southwest.

16 Europe Europe is made up of forty-eight countries.
The Atlantic Ocean is Europe’s western border. The Arctic Ocean is north of Europe.

17 Africa Africa is made up of fifty-three countries.
Africa is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the East.

18 What is the one that is still missing?
Asia North America Europe Africa South America Australia What is the one that is still missing?

19 Antarctica Antarctica is made of five regions and one island Chain.

20 Asia North America Europe Africa South America Australia Antarctica

21 Oceans Salt water that covers more than 70 percent of the earth's surface. Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Southern Ocean

22 Arctic Ocean Pacific Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Ocean Southern Ocean

23 Total your score out of 30 points

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