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TECHNICOOL A Technology Safety Program © 2011 PCAV.

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1 TECHNICOOL A Technology Safety Program © 2011 PCAV

2 Importance of Technology Safety It is important to be safe when using technology so that you:  Protect your personal information and privacy  Respect others’ personal information and privacy  Prevent Cyberbullying  Only talk to people you know  Enjoy technology for all the neat and wonderful things it does!

3 “If you wouldn’t do it to their face. Don’t do it online.” CyberBullying

4 What do you think this video means?

5  What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying  Any form of bullying behavior that happens over communication technologies  Cell phones  Computers and the internet  Gaming devices

6 “I believe my son would have survived these incidents of bullying and humiliation if they took place before computers and the internet.” – John Halligan, Father and Anti-Bullying Advocate

7 Cyberbullying BullyingCyberbullying School Few people see Short term Adults may see Face-to-Face 24/7 Lots of people see Can’t erase it Adults may not Not in person

8 What Can You Do? Cyberbullying  Tell a trusted adult  Delete the message from the site  Set for them a positive example  Take them off your contact list  Print or save the message for evidence  Block/Ignore them

9 Need to Know Info NTK INFO

10 Digital Memory  Technology has memory  What you do with technology is permanent  If you don’t want something to be around ‘forever’ choose not to do it

11 Passwords Safe & Secure:  Different passwords for different accounts  Difficult for others to guess  At least 8 characters with a mix of capital, lower case, numbers, and special characters  Give only to trusted adults  Never allow the computer to save your password on that site

12 Safety Tips for Some of the Most Popular Programs Making Good Decisions


14  “Private” Profiles  Friends in life = Friends Online  No contact or personal info  Careful what you post  Talk to a trusted adult about what info you share and who your “friends” are

15  Only give your number to people you know  Respond to calls & texts only if you know the number  Block numbers you don’t know or want  Never send any texts/pics you don’t want to be permanent or that are hurtful to someone else

16 1.Only use webcams while talking to people you know 2.While on the webcam don’t take pictures or behave in ways you wouldn’t normally 3.Remember that the person on the other end can take still-frame shots, save them, and pass them on 4.Tell a trusted adult if someone ever asks you to do something inappropriate via a webcam

17 “Bulletin Board”

18 Posting/Sending Pics  Before posting/sending a pic ask yourself:  Do I want this to be permanent?  Would I be embarrassed if this picture was posted at school?  Would I show this to my grandma?  Tell people taking your picture that you don’t want it posted online or sent via text  Never post/send pictures of others online  Never take a picture of your body or another person’s  If someone asks you to take an inappropriate picture, tell an adult!

19 “Sexting” is the sending and receiving of nude or partially nude pictures, videos, or sexual text messages via cell phone. NEVER SEXT.

20 The most important thing I learned… One thing I will do differently… Time to Evaluate

21 Always Remember Don’t be a fool. Be TECHNICOOL!!!

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