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Customer Focus Module Preview

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1 Customer Focus Module Preview
This PowerPoint provides a sample of the Customer Focus Module PowerPoint. The actual Strategic Planning PowerPoint is 57 slides. The sample demonstrates the types of interactive activities and information included in the Customer Focus Module. Each slide is included in the Participant’s Guide and the Facilitator’s Guide.

2 District Customer Focus
Customer Focus Module District Customer Focus

3 Session One Customer Focus Overview
The Strategic Plan includes customer focused initiatives for increasing satisfaction and engagement.

4 Purpose and Objectives
Engage the District leadership team in identifying current and potential customers, gather input from customers, and serve customer needs to engage in building relationship. Outcomes Identify current and potential customers and their needs. Develop processes to gather input from external and internal customers. Integrating customers needs and requirements into aspects of the organization.

5 Partners in Learning Throughout The Customer Focus Module, you will be partnered with two other people to learn, reflect, and discuss the content of this module. You will be with this group for two sessions, and then there will be a new partners of learning for the last two sessions. For the first two sessions, you are grouped by the facilitators, and there will be a random grouping for the last two sessions. The hope is that your learning partners will provide you with insight on your customers and that you are provided a new perspective on your customers.

6 Starting With The “Why”
Take a moment to reflect on why a improvement of an organization depends a close examination of the people using the services, programs, and products. With your partners in learning, determine how those that you serve impact your work. How would increased satisfaction and engagement of your customers benefit your organization? Odd number fond and odd number and even numbers find even

7 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
Organizational Profile Environment, Relationships, and Strategic Situations Results Triad C O R E V A L U E S Leadership Triad 2 Strategic Planning 5 Workforce Focus 1 Leadership 7 Results 3 Customer Focus 6 Operations Focus 4 Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management (1)

8 Customer Focus Article
Prior to reading share with your partners in learning your definition for customer focus. Review the Concept Map so you know what you will be looking for in the article. Individually read the Customer Focus Article. Together as a team complete the Concept Map for customer focus. Share your Concept Map for Customer Focus with another group. Determine if you need to make an adjustments in your concept map. Using the information from the concept map answer the following extending question: Why is it important in a system-wide approach to leverage the customer’s voice in continuous improvement?

9 Closure Find a partner outside of your partners in learning group and discuss these prompts: What was the most compelling information from Session One? What conclusions would you draw from this information? Explain why. What is your current process for connecting with all customers and gaining input and feedback from them?

10 Assessment Session Conversation Using Customer Focus Assessment

11 Assessment Discussion
Review the data from the Customer Focus Assessment individually first. Determine strengths and areas for improvement. In teams of four discuss the individual findings from the data and draw two conclusions. Share your team’s conclusions with the whole group.

12 Session Two Who Are We Serving?
All internal and external customers have been identified for all programs and services. The different market segments are identified within the organization and strategies for meeting the needs of all markets. The students at all levels within the organization are provided multiple options for giving input on their education and feedback on their satisfaction. .

13 Who Are We Serving? Take a moment to reflect on who you personally serve in the capacity of your work? Think about the services, programs, and products your work area delivers – who are the end users of your work? Create a list of those you believe you serve and those that use your services, programs, and products. Share your list with one other person for review. Odd number fond and odd number and even numbers find even

14 Strategically Thinking About Customers
With your learning partners, take each of your work areas and list all end users of work system. Using your generated brainstorm list determine the following: In what ways are they an end user? Is there more than one market segment within this customer base? Describe all the end users: Demographics Key characteristics Key needs (How do you know?) Who might be future users and how are they different from your current users? Focus On The Why OrganizerWhat

15 Plus/Delta Take time to examine what helped and what did not help in your learning and participation in today’s session. Put each idea on a single sticky note. Place on the Plus/Delta Chart. Review of the Plus/Delta chart. Discuss possible opportunities for improvement at your table.

16 How are we gathering input and building relationship?
Session Three How are we gathering input and building relationship? Both the needs of customers and the satisfaction are gathered and reviewed during the year. The needs of potential customers are determined through using future focused research. There are activities that build relationships between the party providing the program and services and the customer receiving the program or service. There are multiple methods for communicating with all customers including social media. .

17 Customer Input Protocol
This protocol will have you take your identified customer and develop a short input survey including two questions on needs and requirements and two questions on satisfaction with the current services, programs, and products your work area provides. After developing your input survey, you will present your short survey for input from your learning partners. This protocol is a timed protocol and should be followed strictly in order to provide all learning partners to have the same time for input.

18 Pulling It All Together?
Session Four Pulling It All Together? There is a formalized process to gather input from both internal and external customers on the programs and services they use. There is direct evidence that the needs provided by customers is used to improve programs and services. There is a comparison between the satisfaction of customers within the organization and customers from similar educational organizations used to improve satisfaction within your organization. There is a process for managing organizational complaints and patterns of complaints are determined and used to improve the organization.

19 Completing A Customer Focus Process Map
While every work area has different customers, the process to identify and gather input, feedback, and use the information for improvement is a key work process that is shared across the organization. Taking time to develop the process will be helpful to every work area in the organization. A common process for input will eliminate repetition for customers. It will ensure information is shared across the organization. Identifying a key process for customer focus sends a message to all employees that the customer matters. Using a process for gaining input, feedback, and using the input from customers can focus improvements within strategic planning.

20 Follow-Up Tasks Review a refined customer focus process map and determine any changes needed. Share the draft of the process map with customer segments and workforce members in order to gather further input. Finalize the process map and teach it to all leaders to ensure full understanding of how everyone in the organization will approach working with customers. Evaluate how the process works including the implementation. When using a key process there should be limited variance in implementation.

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