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Service Agency Accreditation Recognizing Quality Educational Service Agencies Mike Bugenski 866-642-4622.

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1 Service Agency Accreditation Recognizing Quality Educational Service Agencies Mike Bugenski 866-642-4622

2 © 2007 AdvancED 2 Topics AdvancED Accreditation Process Opportunities and Potential for ISD’s Pillars of Accreditation  Standards, Continuous Improvement, Quality Assurance Essentials for Success Steps to Accreditation Questions and Issues

3 © 2007 AdvancED 3 3 A Picture of AdvancED Unification of NCA CASI, SACS CASI, NSSE World’s Largest Educational Community 23 thousand public and private schools 30 states and Navajo Nation Department of Defense Schools 65 countries (including Latin America) 15 million students 16 thousand volunteers 3 million plus teachers

4 © 2007 AdvancED 4 Accreditation Purpose: Improve Organizational Effectiveness to Benefit Students Schools Districts Service Agencies Same Process Aligned Expectations and Requirements

5 © 2007 AdvancED 5 Educational Service Agencies Promise and Potential Operate in 39 States Pilot with Michigan ISD’s Accredit Quality of Services

6 © 2007 AdvancED 6 Intermediate School Districts Meet requirements of accreditation Ensure schools they operate are meeting standards, achieving goals, using results, etc. Provide relevant, high quality services across multiple jurisdictions  direction, assistance and resources

7 © 2007 AdvancED 7 7 Accreditation Process ESA’s will be accredited for a five year term Internal Review  ESA conducts an internal review of its current capacity in meeting accreditation standards External Review  ESA hosts an external review conducted by professional peers Continuous Improvement  ESA continues to monitor, document, and evaluate its improvement efforts

8 © 2007 AdvancED 8 Accreditation Products Internal Review  Standard Assessment Report (SAR) External Review  Quality Assurance Review (QAR)  Oral and Written Reports  Accreditation Recommendation Continuous Improvement  Progress Report(s) (APR)

9 © 2007 AdvancED 9 9 Accreditation Process Accreditation and Continuous Improvement On a continuous basis ESA’s will  Meet AdvancED high quality standards  Conduct periodic self-assessments  Engage in a continuous improvement process  Implement internal quality assurance methods

10 © 2007 AdvancED 10 5-Year Accreditation Term Constantly Assess Learn Improve Host a Quality Assurance Review Team Submit Progress Report Two Years After the Visit Submit Standards Assessment Report

11 © 2007 AdvancED 11 Pillars of Accreditation Service Agencies Must Meet Quality Standards Engage in Continuous Improvement Demonstrate Quality Assurance

12 © 2007 AdvancED 12 AdvancED Accreditation Standards The agency provides evidence of meeting the Standards for Quality 1.Vision and Purpose 2.Governance and Leadership 3.Teaching and Learning 4.Documenting and Using Results 5.Resources and Support Systems 6.Stakeholder Communications and Relationships 7.Commitment to Continuous Improvement

13 © 2007 AdvancED 13 AdvancED Accreditation Standards Quality Agencies Standard: comprehensive statement of quality practices and conditions Indicators: operational definitions or descriptions of practices and processes Impact Statement: characteristics, processes, and actions that would be observable and verifiable in a district that effectively implements the standard

14 © 2007 AdvancED 14 AdvancED Accreditation Standards Standards For Quality Service Agencies  Are Aligned with Standards for Quality Schools and Systems  Are Based on Research (Basis of Readiness Instrument)  Are Inter-Related and Systemically Connected  Focus on Factors that Contribute to Student Learning  Address Variables Schools/Districts ESAs Can Impact

15 © 2007 AdvancED 15 Standards Assessment Report Use to periodically perform an internal assessment of the standards  Rubric and focus questions Submit on-line prior to QAR  6 weeks to 6 months prior  Helps ISD and team prepare  Rubrics, focus questions, peer-to-peer practice

16 © 2007 AdvancED 16 SAR Components  Executive Summary  Standards Section (for each standard) Narrative describing evidence −Guided by focus questions Assessment of indicators and over-all standard −Rubrics  Identification of Peer-to-Peer Practice  Conclusion: Strengths and opportunities

17 © 2007 AdvancED 17 Continuous Improvement The agency has the responsibility and flexibility to identify and implement a systemic process of continuous improvement  one process is use by agency and its schools  promotes continuity, coherence, alignment and collaborative planning  all schools and departments work to achieve vision and goals  encourages customized planning at all levels

18 © 2007 AdvancED 18 Improvement Process Elements Plan and Implementation What future are you pursuing ? Vision Profile What is your current reality? What actions will you take to improve? What have you accomplished? Results Monitoring

19 © 2007 AdvancED 19 Continuous Improvement The agency is responsible for providing quality leadership to maximize effectiveness and learning The agency establishes practices to support districts, schools, and departments with their improvement initiatives  Direction: sets expectations and guidelines  Assistance: builds understanding and skill  Resources: provides people, materials, time

20 © 2007 AdvancED 20 Quality Assurance Internal and Ongoing The agency demonstrates organizational integrity The agency designs and implements a program of assessment practices and methods monitor and document improvement provide meaningful feedback and support ensure standards are met and strengthened The agency collects, uses, and communicates results

21 © 2007 AdvancED 21 Quality Assurance Review Process External – Every Five Years Agency hosts a visit by a national team of professional peers assess effectiveness of system in meeting the requirements of Accreditation visits schools operated by the agency meets with staff and stakeholders and visits a representative sample of districts served

22 © 2007 AdvancED 22 Quality Assurance Review Process Agency receives commendations and recommendations An accreditation recommendation is determined Review provides agency and community with validation and recognition

23 © 2007 AdvancED 23 Visit Schedule Team Orientation Day 1 Agency  Presentation and Interviews with Representatives of Key Stakeholder Groups Day 2 County  Visits to Schools, Districts, etc. Served by the Agency

24 © 2007 AdvancED 24 Visit Schedule Day 3 Agency  Final Data Collection and Verification  Team Deliberations  Oral Exit Report Schedule will be customized

25 © 2007 AdvancED 25 Agency Reports Two years after the visit, the district will submit an Accreditation Progress Report (APR) that responds (actions and results) to the QAR team’s recommendations  Districts are required to act on the recommendations!

26 © 2007 AdvancED 26 Steps to Accreditation Applicant Submit a Letter of Interest Complete the Self-Assessment of Readiness Host a Readiness Visit Submit a Letter of Commitment

27 © 2007 AdvancED 27 Steps to Accreditation Candidate Ensure all schools operated by the agency are accredited or candidates for accreditation Submit preferred dates for the QAR Prepare for the visit Complete the Standards Assessment Report Host the Quality Assurance Review Team Communicate findings to the community

28 © 2007 AdvancED 28 Steps to Accreditation Accredited Act on the Findings from the Review Team Continue to Implement the Accreditation Protocol  Adhere to the AdvancED Standards  Engage in Continuous Improvement  Monitor for Quality Assurance Complete and Submit the Two-Year Progress Report

29 © 2007 AdvancED 29 Dues and Fees Base dues$1500.00 Application fee (one time) $350.00 Dues per district $30.00 QAR Fee (every five years) $1500.00

30 For more information go to Thank You for Your Interest in AdvancED Accreditation

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