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On Mission Celebration Coordinating Committee Training.

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2 On Mission Celebration Coordinating Committee Training

3 Conference Objectives §Personal Contact with Missionaries §Look at the Biblical Basis of Missions §Expand Local Involvement in Missions §Increase Giving to Missions (CP& Other) §Inspire Specific Prayer for Missions & Missionaries §Accelerate Mission Awareness §Secure Life Commitment to Missions §Teach SB Way to Support Missions

4 Church OMC Organization §OMC Team Coordinator §Special Events Coordinator §Program Personnel Arrangements Coordinator §Promotion Coordinator §Financial Coordinator §Spiritual Preparation Coordinator §Secretary

5 Team Coordinator §Duties: l Coordination l Enlist assistance of Church Council l Seek pastor to assist you l Enlist & work with Coordinating Committee

6 Spiritual Preparation Coordinator §Help church in spiritual preparation §Remind church to depend on God’s Spirit as preparations are made §Circle around missionary and pray for him/her

7 Program Personnel Arrangements Coordinator §Provide meals and lodging for missionaries assigned to your church according to plan of the association §Express gratitude to everyone that provided assistance to you during the OMC §Arrange and coordinate transportation for missionaries (2 options to association) §Express Gratitude to those providing help

8 Promotion Coordinator §Design and implement a promotion plan for members and community §Utilize others for their talents in assisting plan §Consider target groups §See promotion ideas

9 Special Events Coordinator §Plan and coordinate special events for the church §The plans should assist members in getting to know missionaries §Target different age group or interest meetings §Count the attendance at each session and report to the secretary §Express appreciation to those who helped §See special event ideas

10 Financial Coordinator §Coordinate the finances for the OMC in the church according to what the association established l budgeted funds l special OMC offerings

11 Church OMC Secretary §Keeps records of meetings and attendance at OMC functions §Completes report forms for appropriate persons §Make sure offerings are counted and delivered to association office according to the plan

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