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Digital Marketing.

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1 Digital Marketing

2 Course Objectives Explain What is Digital Marketing
Define Digital Marketing Explain What is Marketing Mix Describe the Various Digital Marketing Channels Explain the Various Digital Marketing Methods Explain the Various Digital Ad Pricing Models Explain Steps for Digital Marketing Strategy Explain Porter’s Five Forces Explain the Tactics for Digital Marketing Explain the Tools for Digital Marketing Describe Role of Social Media in Digital Marketing Explain the Role of Content in Digital Marketing List the Buzzwords of Digital Marketing List the Benefits of Digital Marketing Describe the Challenges of Digital Marketing

3 Email SMS Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google
Introduction Do you use any of the following? SMS Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Yes, surely you must be using at least one of them.

4 Introduction As you can understand, , SMS, social media websites, search engines etc. are a part of the everyday life in today’s modern world. Almost everyone uses the technology of Internet and its associated technologies.

5 Introduction Facebook
Today’s modern world marketing requires that brands, products and organizations remain abreast of times and radically change the way they market themselves. Therefore, the modern world has seen the advent of what is known as ‘Digital Marketing’.

6 Introduction Twitter ‘Digital Marketing’ is achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies or in other words through use of electronic communications technology. ‘Digital Marketing’ is also known as ‘Internet Marketing’ or ‘eMarketing’.

7 Introduction LinkedIn
Thus, organizations in today’s modern technological times use the Internet and electronic communication technologies to market their products and brands. So, marketing of products and brands is carried out in various ways such as through SMS, newsletters, social media marketing, online marketing campaigns etc.

8 Introduction Google To market using these digital technologies, every organization has to formulate ‘Digital Strategy’ as a part of its marketing strategies and campaign. An organization has to focus its efforts on having a sound business strategy supported by a well thought out marketing strategy which includes the digital strategy.

9 Let us learn about ‘Digital Marketing’ in detail.
Introduction The digital strategy should have the right mix from a business and customer perspective. Therefore, the right ‘Digital Marketing’ can play a key role in a brand’s success. SMS Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Let us learn about ‘Digital Marketing’ in detail.

10 Present vs. Old Marketing Ways
There has been an advent of many new technologies in the 21st century due to various technological innovations and development. So, to understand the changes that have to be made in the marketing approach in this modern world, it is crucial that you should understand briefly the characteristics and features of the old economy.

11 What is Digital Marketing?
‘Digital Marketing’ is achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies or in other words through use of electronic communications technology. ‘Digital Marketing’ is also known as ‘Internet Marketing’, 'Interactive Marketing', 'Online Marketing', 'Web Marketing' or ‘eMarketing’.

12 Effect of Digital Marketing on Traditional Marketing
The ‘7 P’s Marketing Mix’ represents the various extensions of Borden’s original idea of the marketing mix and is familiar to almost every marketer. So, how does the ‘traditional marketing’ approach change due to the advent of ‘digital technology’ in marketing?

13 Digital Strategy in the Marketing Ecosystem
The Marketing Ecosystem includes a sound business strategy which should be supported by a well thought out marketing strategy. The digital strategy is included in and is a crucial component of the marketing strategy. Digital Strategy in the Marketing Ecosystem The digital strategy may be the smallest part of the strategic planning, but it is crucial as it may be the most capital intensive piece.

14 Mobile The ‘mobile’ is another digital marketing channel used in today’s digital world. The mobile technology is not yet fully developed and suffers from a few limitations. Mobile handsets have a small screen size and a short battery life. These two factors are a major cause of irritation among consumers. Hence, it is very difficult to successfully run multimedia digital marketing campaigns on mobile devices. Mobile Also, another major concern while using mobile devices as a digital marketing channel is that the mobiles’ reach is dependent on network operators. So, just like TV, mobile marketing also has a limited reach. In today’s scenario, the most popular approach for using mobile phones as digital marketing channels is for SMS-based brand messaging.

15 Website Website Website:
A ‘Website’ is also known as an ‘Internet Site’ or simply ‘Site’. It is a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web (WWW). A ‘Website’ is a crucial component that every business or company should create and use for their brand communication needs.

16 Blog or Web Log Blog or Weblog Blog or Web Log:
A ‘Blog’ is also known as ‘Web Log’. A ‘Blog’ is a shared on-line journal where people can post daily entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. Just like a website, a blog can exist as an independent Website.

17 Digital Ad Pricing The pricing or the rate of advertising differs from media to media such as from newspapers, magazines or TV. Similarly, the ad rates differ on different digital media properties depending on their popularity among the consumers. Also, it is much easier for advertisers to estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) for their ads in digital environment, which is not possible in traditional advertising. There are various types of digital ad pricing models from which businesses can choose a suitable one that matches their requirement.

18 Cost per Click (CPC) 1 Based on your business’ requirement, you can choose from various ad pricing models available such as follows: Cost per Click (CPC) 2 Cost per Click (CPC): In the Cost per Click (CPC) model, the advertisers pay to the publishers only when a consumer clicks on their text or banner ad unit. 3 4 5 Let us look at each in detail.

19 Real Life Example Let us look at how this ad can be advertised using various digital ad pricing models such as follows: Cost per Click (CPC) Cost per Mille (CPM) Cost per Period (CPP) Cost per Lead (CPL) Cost per Acquisition (CPA) However, please keep in mind that commercial and advertising placement cost varies depending upon specific advertiser, publisher, content type and specific website categories.

20 Real Life Example Cost per Click (CPC) Cost per Mille (CPM)
Cost per Period (CPP) Cost per Lead (CPL) Cost per Acquisition (CPA) $0.50 Cost per Mille (CPM) $0.50 Cost per Period (CPP) Cost per Lead (CPL) This particular ad has been advertised based on the ‘Cost per Click (CPC) model’. So, this particular advertiser pays $0.50 to the publisher of this website for each consumer who clicks on its ad banner. Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

21 Email Marketing Email Marketing
‘ Marketing’ is a form of direct marketing that uses electronic means to deliver commercial messages to an audience. You can use this tactic a tool for building relationships with both potential and existing customers. It will help you increase the profitability of your organization as it helps in increasing the retention and value of your customers.

22 Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing
‘Affiliate Marketing’ is a system of reward in which referrers are given a “finder’s fee” for every referral they give. So, when a person gives the reference of his friends, family or colleagues to an online website, the person gets a referral bonus or referral bonus which is many times in the some form of online vouchers or discounts.

23 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You can optimize your site for good search results by working with the parameters set by various search engines. When you optimize your website as per such parameters then it ensures that search engines index your website when people enter a search term that is relevant for a product or service. Hence, when your website is well optimized as per SEO, then it would appear higher up in the search results and there are greater chances of receiving visitor traffic to your website.

24 Online Reputation Management (ORM)
You can use ORM to track customer queries and complaints and respond to them in an effective and timely manner. Also, such complaints and concerns can help improve your product and service offering and help you better engage with your customers. The insights gained from ORM should be considered when evaluating and optimizing strategic direction.

25 Digital Marketing Impact Analysis
One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that you can monitor the progress of your marketing campaigns. Hence, when you use digital marketing, you can measure and estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) on your digital marketing campaigns.

26 Buzzwords of Digital Marketing
SEO SEM Buzzwords of Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimization is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website. This is done by ensuring that the site appears on the top of the list of search results returned by a search engine. EDM ‘SEM’ stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’. It is a form of Internet marketing that promotes websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advertising. ‘EDM’ stands for ‘Electronic Direct Mail’. Electronic Direct Mail is advertising sent directly to prospective customers via .

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