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An Opportunity for Sustainable Investment

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1 An Opportunity for Sustainable Investment
Suez Economic Zone North West Gulf of Suez Egypt An Opportunity for Sustainable Investment

2 Overview Project Concept Vision & Value Proposition Why Sezone ?
- SEZone Legal & Institutional Framework - Business Opportunities - Conclusion SEZone Contacts

3 SEZone Project Concept
SEZone Site: 20.4 Sq Km at North West Gulf of Suez Legal Framework: Economic Zone of Special Nature Established by Law 83 of 2002 Governance Model: General Authority for Economic Zone (NWGS) Development Approach: Attract private sector to lead the zone development . Land is allocated for investors on usufruct basis Projected Industry Mix Suez Canal . SEZone Light Manufacturing Medium Industries Logistics Services

4 Vision & Value Proposition
To create a premier international investment destination by setting up a superior business environment to attract investors and meet their highest expectations. Value Proposition Provide investors with a strategic location that offers the competitive production cost and most comprehensive market access programs in the MENA region.

5 Business Opportunity Why SEZone?

6 3 Rep. of Development companies
Institutional Framework BOD Min. of Agriculture Min. of Civil Aviation Min. of Trade & Industry Min. of Finance Min. of Housing Min. of Transport Min. of Electricity Min. of Environment Legal Expert 2 Financial Expert 3 Rep. of Development companies Suez Government

7 Predictable Business Environment
Single Regulator SEzone Socio Economic Enabler Predictable Business Environment

8 Predictable Business Environment
One Stop Shop Int’l Labor Practices Companies Incorporation Customs Management Dispute Resolution Center Activities Licensing Tax Management Foreign Labor Permits Environmental Protection

9 On-site Housing Facilities
Socio Economic Enabler Transportation Facilities Banking Facilities Maintenance Centers Training Centers On-site Housing Facilities Conference Centre Insurance services Admin. Facilities Bonded warehouses Childcare facilities Commercial Centre

10 Socio Economic Enabler
Transportation Facilities Potential opportunity for investors to provide transportation facilities to/ from and within the Zone Maintenance Centers Opportunity to Provide Maintenance service for the Residential/ Industrial facilities and many others Training & Admin Facilities Providing state of the art Training/Admin facilities for the facilitation of business operations Providing Recruitment Services

11 Socio Economic Enabler
On Site Housing & Commercial Facilities Potential Housing & Commercial Development Opportunities for the private Sector in Multi Million Dollar Projects On Site Banking Facilities & Insurance services Opportunity for Private banks to offer various financial Services (Cooperate /Personal) , beside providing insurance services Bonded Warehouses Provides Warehousing Facilities for finished and semi finished products, Supply Chain Management, Cargo and other Logistical Facilities

12 Socio Economic Enabler
Sokhna provides ample leisure opportunities through a number of 5 star resorts and residential complexes nearby. Residential 5 Star resort

13 Incentives & Guarantees
“The Zone presents unrivaled incentives & guarantees comparing to the other economic zones in the region” 10% Corporate tax 5% Personal income tax All imports are exempted form duties & taxes Double Taxation Agreements Market access to local market and surrounding regions Upon export to the local market, duties and sales tax are paid on imported components only

14 Superior Location A Globally Unique Location
SEzone SEZone A Globally Unique Location A Strategic location on main international ocean trade routes

15 Superior Location SEZone
Suez Governorate Cairo Port Said Alexandria SEZone - Adjacent to the Port of Sokhna the only privately managed port in Egypt. Direct access to the Mediterranean & Indian ocean. Proximity to major Export / Import international markets. - The Draft at the berths extend to 17 meters, offering excellent deep sea facilities for handling bulk cargo. 120 km south east of Cairo and 45 km south of Suez City Competitive freight rates Short transit time to major and regional markets Strategic global location for Sea/Air cargo operations and JIT business Ideally located for value added logistics operations

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