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Commerce Project Transportation. Structure of Transportation BackHome.

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1 Commerce Project Transportation

2 Structure of Transportation BackHome

3 Element of Transportation System BackHomeTerminals These are the places for goods or passengers to enter and leave the carriageWay This a route that the goods or passengers will pass through between terminalsCarriage This means of transport to carry the goods or passengers

4 Land Transport – Road Transport Road Transport is very busy. Further more. The length of roads was 1904 in year 2000. In order to meet the traffic demand, we have many tunnels BackHome

5 Tunnels We have few tunnels in Hong Kong Lion Rock Tunnel Aberdeen Tunnel Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Eastern, Western Harbour Crossing Tunnel Cross Harbour Tunnel Tale’s Cairn Tunnel BackHome

6 Photo of some Tunnels in Hong Kong Tale ’ s Cairn tunnel Eastern Harbour Tunnel Tseung Kwan O Tunnel BackHome

7 Franchised Bus Kowloon Motor Bus Co.,(1933) Ltd Citybus Ltd New World First Bus Services Ltd. New Lantao Bus BackHome

8 Advantage and Disadvantages of Road transport Advantages Flexibility in routes Flexibility in schedules Fast Provide door to door service The carriage can be used for advertising Disadvantages Subject to delay Limited capacity No suitable for long distance transport Waste of resources Higher accident accident rates Environmental problem BackHome

9 Land Transport – Rail Transport Rail Transport uses rails as the ways of transport, mostly used for transporting passengers in Hong Kong.They are Mass Transit Railway Airport Railway Kowloon- Canon Railway Light Rail Transit Tram Peak Tram BackHome

10 Photos MTR Airport Railway KCR BackHome

11 Photos LRT Tram Peak Tram BackHome

12 Advantages and Disadvantage of Rail transport Advantages High capacity Fixed time schedule with less day Suitable for long distance transport Fewer environmental problems Disadvantages Routes are restricted Inflexible Transshipment is required High cost of establishment Severe impact upon accidents BackHome

13 Land Transport – Pipeline Transport Pipeline Transport uses pipelines to carry natural gas, petroleum, water, sewage, etc. BackHome

14 Advantage and Disadvantage of pipeline transport Advantages Occupy less space Convenience Safe Low maintenance cost Disadvantages Limitation to types of goods carried High construction cost May affect traffic BackHome

15 Sea Transport – Intercontinental transport This is the sea transport connecting Hong Kong with overseas countries. It is mainly used to transport cargos in external trade. Ocean-going vessels are divided into liners and tramps BackHome

16 Liners They have fixed time table Liners can carry cargos for different shippers at the same time They are a kind of public Transport BackHome

17 Tramps They do not have fixed time table They sail according to the requirement of the shipper. BackHome

18 Sea Transport – Costal transport This is a sea transport connecting Hong Kong with Macau and the costal areas along Mainland China Passangers are mainly travel on jetfoils or Catamarans in between Hong Kong and Macau. ▲ Jetfoil ▲ Catamarans BackHome

19 Sea Transport – Inland transport This refer to the sea transport between Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the outlying island There are few ferry companies Hong Kong Ferry Star Ferry Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry New World First Ferry Services Co. LtdNew World First Ferry Services Co. Ltd. BackHome

20 Advantage and Disadvantage of Sea transport Advantages The way is free High capacity Low Cost Can handle containerized goods Disadvantages Slow Transshipment required High establishment cost High insurance cost BackHome

21 Air Transport Air transport user air as the way of transport. BackHome

22 International Airport of HK It is operating with great efficiency, handling up to 460 flights, 84,000 passengers and 5,600 tones of cargo a day in Chek Lap Kok BackHome

23 Characteristics of a good air port Sufficient land for parking and runway area, well-equipped communication facilities, good maintenance service, good transshipment network and tourist and commercial services Efficient customs and immigration services

24 Advantage and Disadvantage of air transport Advantages Quick Can access to inland areas Low risk Low insurance cost Simple package Disadvantages High freight cost Limited capacity Subject to weather High construction cost Requires transshipment BackHome

25 End Thank you

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