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Warm-up Activity What is self esteem??? Create a bubble map describing what you think self esteem is.

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1 Warm-up Activity What is self esteem??? Create a bubble map describing what you think self esteem is.

2 Do you have a Choice…

3 Self-Check Take out a piece of paper Fold in half

4 SELF ESTEEM SELF-CONCEPT Understanding Yourself

5 Definitions Self Esteem: Feelings we have about ourselves Self-concept: Picture or perception of ourselves

6 Definitions High Self-Esteem Low Self-Esteem

7 Self-Esteem When does it Form? Where Does Self-Esteem Come From?

8 Half-full Self-esteem has been compared to a bucket of water. It starts out full when we're born, but whenever we develop negative beliefs about ourselves, it's like poking little holes in that bucket and our self-esteem drips out brainstorm a list of things we do or say to ourselves or to others that pokes holes in the self-esteem bucket.

9 How do values and morals fit into feeling good about yourself? Knowing yourself is a prerequisite to a good self esteem Discover your values – a value is something you strongly believe in Live by what you value – the closer your values come to your actions the happier you will be.

10 You become which you think about most.

11 Good Self Esteem Leader to others Accept failure Doesn’t submit to peer pressure Is not a threat to others Believes in self Willing to try new things Appreciate life Change the bad The Good Self-Esteem Advantage

12 Who has contributed to your self esteem?

13 SELF-CONCEPT Picture or perception of ourselves

14 Self-Concept Circle My Actions As Others See Me Other’s Reactions to Me As I See Myself

15 No one can Make you feel inferior Without your Consent. Eleanor Roosevelt

16 Negative Self Concept Dwell on mistakes and weaknesses Don’t feel confident Afraid of failure

17 How is self-concept built & destroyed Building Find a good role model Praise & compliments Focus on the positive Keep criticism to a minimum Set & achieve goals Destroyed Comparing yourself to others Putting yourself down Drug abuse?

18 Positive Self Concept Confidence-you feel good about yourself and what you can do Do not confuse confidence with conceit. Conceit is an inflated self image.

19 Statistics The majority of young teens have a low to medium self concept. Teenage girls tend to have a lower self concept than teenage boys. Why???


21 Little Engine…

22 ACTION PLAN FOR IMPROVING SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONCEPT It’s never too late to be who you might have been. ~ George Elliot

23 Building Self Esteem 1.Identify with people, books, videos, television shows, etc., that build your self-esteem 2.Build others – give sincere compliments often 3.Think positively 4.Set and achieve goals 5.Do something challenging each day 6.Look your best 7.Do something for someone else 8.Learn a new skill 9.Handle things one at a time

24 Building Self Esteem 1.Use criticism constructively 2.Ask for help – take advantage of learning opportunities 3.Improve your personal living space 4.Allow personal growth time each day 5.Post self-improvement reminders in obvious places 6.Do not say negative things about yourself 7.Reward yourself often 8.List your accomplishments each evening 9.Volunteer to share your skills with others

25 Accept yourself: Stop worrying about the things you can’t change. Be more accepting of others and the things they can’t change. Try not to compare with others. It’s unfair.

26 Have Realistic Expectations. Perfection is not possible but bettering our self should be a lifetime goal. Emphasize your strengths.

27 There are two different people in the world. One that says “I wish I had” and the one that says “I’m glad I did”. Remember you can have anything in this world if you just believe in yourself.

28 How much do you believe in your self? On a piece of paper write down the percentage of how much you believe in yourself. 100%? 75%? 50%? What are you achieving with that percentage? What would happen if you believed in yourself 25% more? Dreams and self belief are free. You can take all you want and walk away.

29 Food for thought…Response Write down this quote… “You can’t love others until you love yourself”. What does this mean? How does it relate to self esteem? How can you raise the self- esteem of others?

30 Warm-up – Next Day Activity Break students into groups and ask them to role play the following situations. parent makes hurtful statements to a child which would cause low self-esteem the appearance of a person with low self-esteem the appearance of a person with high self-esteem friends encouraging a person who has low self-esteem a person with low self-esteem and a person with high self-esteem applying for the same job the appearance of a person with high self-esteem

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