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NLU Governance Understanding our Structure November, 2012.

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1 NLU Governance Understanding our Structure November, 2012

2 2 GOVERNANCE OVERVIEW Our goal is to advance the institution through:  Shared decision making  Clear lines of responsibility and accountability.  Focusing on process and results.  Being efficient and nimble.  Ensuring good communication Our governance process is a key vehicle by which we must accomplish this – there must be clear charges and scope of work to be effective.

3 3 THE BIG PICTURE Board Delegates authority to manage university to the president President Empowers and delegates to leadership to manage Delegates academic governance to the faculty. Governance Committee and organizational structure created to share decision making and accountability in the service of advancing the institution. Crosses faculty, staff, college and university levels.

4 4 THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES – PRIMARILY OVERSEE POLICY AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. Board Oversight Review Purpose and Mission Oversee and approve education program changes and Quality Assist with fund raising. Oversee Investment and Financial Plan Appoint the President Approve policies e.g. P and T, Workload, Salary Policies

5 5 BOARD COMMITTEES Academic and Student Affairs Committee Finance Committee Institutional Advancement Committee Audit Committee Exec. Committee PNC, Bd. Membership

6 6 GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE - EXECUTIVE President’s Cabinet Leadership Team Strategic Plan Management. Overarching strategic, Operational, and Management issues. Budgetary oversight Shared Governance Committees on Operational Topics EOG STP BISG Etc.. Ad Hoc Structures – e.g. Retention TaskForce Academic Cabinet Oversees academic enterprise. Works collaboratively with stakeholders across the institution – academic quality, new programs, reengineered programs, program modalities, academic strategies. Cross functional “PM” approach.

7 7 GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE - MANAGEMENT Faculty Governance structure Faculty Senate Committee Structure Staff Council Staff representation on key issues. ULC Faculty Staff Administration Elected separately from other structures.


9 9 Function Univ. level College- Level Functions/CommentsCurrent Senate Committees Faculty SenateX Curriculum Review Promotion & Tenure Student Academic Policy Committee Faculty Development & Welfare Faculty Academic Support & Technology Finance-advisory function Senate Finance Committee Curriculum Review X Need constitutional changes at FA & Colleges levels. Senate Curriculum Committee Senate Academic Planning Committee Promotion & Tenure X X This function is best performed at the college level first due to collegial relationships and knowledge of faculty between each other. University level function would be to affirm the college recommendations in accordance with the faculty member being tenured and employed by the university. Institutional Promotion and Tenure Committee Student Academic Policy Committee X Admissions & retention, Academic policies Academic standards Student Academic Standards Committee Faculty Devt. nt & Welfare X Welfare & compensation, Standards, scholarship, Development, Workload Sabbatical, Awards & recognition Adjuncts, Faculty evaluations Faculty Development Committee Sabbatical Committee, FWCC Faculty Standards, Evaluations and Appeals Committee

10 10 Function University -level College- Level Functions/Comments Current Senate Committees Outcomes Assessment Provost Office X Discuss w Marsha. Need articulated infrastructure. Each college has specific curriculum level assessment requirements by 3 rd parties. All colleges need university support for assessment work. Need for university level assessment for accrediting bodies. Student Appeals Provost Office X Current system works. Student Experiences Discuss 02/22/13 Constitutions & Policies How does this impact/relate ULC Discuss 02/22/13 Planning Discuss 02/22/13

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