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Love Seeking Good For Others. Many forms of love What are some examples?

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1 Love Seeking Good For Others

2 Many forms of love What are some examples?

3 Do teenagers know what real love is?

4 Love is… The core of the Christian lifestyle Essential choice in a Christians life Love is what the Christians life is all about Love of God and neighbor are inseperable John: God is Love Paul: nothing without love

5 What is Love? Love means to seek and then foster the good of others in the context of their concrete situations We affirm value Seek and foster: active The good of others: same as our own good In concrete situations: Rosemary and father

6 Why Love? Compelled by our very nature to love Feel incomplete without love Love brings life

7 Easter Break HW Read pgs. 130-137 and take notes Choose two of the types of love and explain them using a creative means. Ideas: ◦Print the lyrics to a song and explain why they fit ◦Write a movie review and how a character shows the love ◦Write an original poem or song ◦Draw a picture ◦Make a movie ◦Make a collage

8 Types of Love

9 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love… EgoSelf LoveMust search self, learn of self, uniqueness, talents You’re special, Image of God, we are own persons, see God in self, Life-long love Why is Ego essential to loving others? How does loving ourselves help to foster our love for others? Why is it difficult for us to love ourselves sometimes?

10 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love is… AmiticiaFriendshipTakes months, years for best, share secrets, accepts as is, being there, can talk to, doesn’t judge, have fun together Love chooses, real love takes time, love shares, love trusts, love accepts you, love is dependable, love communicates, love doesn’t judge, love is fun

11 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love is… ErosPure Passion Very strong devotion to a cause, commitment, spends all time and energy, struggles for the good, continues in spite of obstacles, a new creation Love is intense, love is true to cause, love involves all parts of you, love never gives up, love focuses on the good, love of new people can be seen in new life

12 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love… DelectioLikes Romantic love Like taste, sound, touch, sight, we are unique, like some not others, free choice, our likes fell good, fun, happy Love involves our senses, God gave us the life and uniqueness, love involves a choice, love makes us happy, is good, is fun

13 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it?It tells us love… CaritasCharityGive without knowing, help those in need, gives from our blessing, give not take Love as no thank you, love sees need, love treats others as we want to be treated, love gives

14 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love… AmorUnconditionalIn God/parents, cares forever, sacrifices, loves before self, can count on, teaches you all, disciplines you, challenges, tells truth, protects, promises things, there in crisis Love sacrifices, love thinks of others first, love is dependable, love taeches and guides, love says no when needed, love never lies, love never hits or hurts, love I there is good bad…

15 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it? It tells us love… FiliaFamilySiblings, relatives, share genes, heritage, culture, tradition, history, language, religion, you physical appearance, new relatives Love has a past and future, love has history, love belongs, love even when we don’t choose, love looks like me, love welcomes

16 WordMeaningHow do we recognize it It tells us love… AgapeTo wish wellAcquaintance s, share another’s joy Love others even strangers, love can reach out to others

17 What are characteristics of love?

18 How do advertisements manipulate the meaning of love?

19 All types of love discussed are aspects of the one reality of love…God When we love we are truly living in God


21 Love is a Challenge Our society has cheapened the word love Used to manipulate and control No objects Great responsibility with using the word love

22 To Love or Not to Love Hardest decision is to choose love We often don’t choose this Sin– turn our back on love ◦Omission– failure to act ◦Commission– choose

23 On the Way: Life Skills of Loving 1. Knowledge of the other person 2. Practical Knowledge 3. Flexibility 4. Conflict Resolution 5. Patience 6. Honesty 7. Trust 8. Humility 9. Hope 10. Courage 11. Forgiveness

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