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Georgia State University Sadé Tramble, M.Ed- Academic Advisor

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1 Your Success is Our Success: Admitting Freshmen for an Intrusive Summer Program
Georgia State University Sadé Tramble, M.Ed- Academic Advisor Jolayna Palm, MA- Retention Coordinator

2 Outline About Georgia State University
Overview of Success Academy Program Theory to Practice Advisement Data Future Ideas

3 About Georgia State University
Major Public Research Institution 32,000+ students Downtown Atlanta Open campus environment Campus diversity

4 University Advisement Center
Freshmen, 0-29 credit hours Sophomore/Junior, credit hours Offices of Academic Assistance (5 colleges) Seniors, 90+ credit hours UAC Transition Office All students, no assigned credit hours

5 First-Year Programs Freshmen Learning Communities Academic Coaching
iCare/Early Alert First-Year Book Program Scholarship Resource Center Success Workshops Supplemental Instruction Latino Student Services and Outreach Success Academy Program Panther Excellence Program

6 Success Academy Program Overview
Established in April 2012 Freshmen Index Not “Conditionally” Admitted Accepted Class Numbers Planning Committee Members Freshmen Learning Community Peer Mentors Early Alert Supplemental Instruction Leadership and Social Development Required Study Hours

7 Planning Committee Members
First-Year Programs University Advisement Center, Freshmen Office University Housing Office of Undergraduate Admissions

8 Accepted Success Academy Students
Students are invited to participate in Success Academy based upon their Freshman Index (FI) score Georgia State uses the (FI) score to determine admissions to the university. The FI is based on a combination of SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA in college prep courses.

9 Accepted Georgia State Students
Admissions Matrix Honors Regular Admissions (Fall Term) Regular Admissions-Success Academy (Summer Term) Denied

10 Welcome Receptions and Orientation
Department Meet & Greet Presentations Advisor Role One-On-One Financial Aid Consultations

11 Benefits of Program Retention rate higher than other first-year students Connect to faculty and staff Earn credit prior to the fall semester Learn to successfully navigate campus Adjust to academic rigor of college prior to full-time fall schedule

12 Freshmen Learning Community
Cohorts of 25 first-year students registered for common courses Core curriculum courses GSU 1010 Academic support and success skills University resources Introduction to major Peer Mentor

13 Student Responsibility/Expectations
Be fully present for each class session and fully engage in the learning process Communicate concerns that may interfere with the learning process Attend related programming Adhere to Student Code of Conduct

14 Academic Requirements
Maximum summer course load = 7 credit hours Maximum fall/spring course load = 13 credit hours (12 credit hours is full-time status) Must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA <2.5 GPA after grades post Maximum fall/spring course load = 11 credits Summer GSU New Student Orientation (1 credit hour) ENGL English Composition I (3 credit hours) HIST 2110 or POLS Survey of U.S. History or American Government (3 credit hours) Fall ENGL English Composition II (3 credit hours) Math course from core (3-4 credit hours)

15 Applying Theory to Practice
Proactive (Intrusive) Advising Introduced Early Attend Award Ceremonies Active Engagement Early Intervention

16 Academic Advising Mandatory Advisement In-Office Advising
Occur in GSU 1010 class Review of Core Curriculum How to register Registration restrictions Required as part of GSU 1010 class Major specific requirements Meet with assigned advisor

17 Best Practices Current Practices Future Recommendations
Added mandatory study hours for Fall semester Academic Recovery Plan Spring 2015 class schedule Changes to MA sessions during summer Re-implementing Friday connection programs during summer Study abroad component in Summer 2016

18 Testimonials “Participating in Success Academy helped me get ahead academically. I was able establish a strong GPA in the summer that led to my academic success during the fall ” Success Academy Student 2013 “The academic workshops, support from program staff, and resources provided by the Success Academy Program helped me to transition into college.” Success Academy Student 2014

19 Sources Georgia State University Office of Institutional Research. (2014). Common Data Set [2014]. Retrieved from research/institutional-data-2/common-data /. Varney, J. (2012, September). Proactive (Intrusive) Advising! Academic Advising Today, 35(3). Retrieved from Academic-Advising-Today/View-Articles/Proactive-(Intrusive)- Advising!.aspx#sthash.q7V8UMth.dpuf.

20 Contact Information Sadé Tramble Academic Advisor II GSU University Advisement Center Jolayna Palm Retention Coordinator GSU First-Year Programs

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