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Hosted Desktop Solutions with [HOSTER NAME] BDM, TDM Usage Guide: Arrange the slides in this presentation in order as you see fit. The Appendix includes.

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1 Hosted Desktop Solutions with [HOSTER NAME] BDM, TDM Usage Guide: Arrange the slides in this presentation in order as you see fit. The Appendix includes technical reference slides describing Microsoft product features and capabilities in detail. You can use these additional slides to enhance the conversation when presenting to a technically savvy audience. Insert the technical slides in their corresponding sections of the presentation: For a deeper technical conversation of "Rich Experience Across Devices": Insert slides 18-19 after slide 8. For a deeper technical conversation of “Simple and Secure IT”: Insert slides 21-22 after slide 9. For a deeper technical conversation of “Powerful, Scalable Platform”: Insert slides 24-25 after slide 10. If you offer managed Office services and want to include this in the discussion: Insert the “Managed Office” slides 26-27 in the presentation after slide 11. To include case studies, insert one or more slides from "Customer Evidence" (slides 28-33) after slide 13, or create your own using slide 34. Title: Audience: Length:45-60 minutes


3 Today's challenges Hosted desktop solutions from [HOSTER NAME] Flexible deployment options Getting started

4 User Productivity Expectations IT Security & Efficiency Challenges Line-of-business apps Work from anywhere Bring your own device Mobile experience Management complexities and costs App and data security Platform- & device-level interoperability Performance/uptime

5 Work From Anywhere Access from any device EXAMPLE: Home health nurse taking a medical history on a tablet Business Continuity Secure data and LOB apps EXAMPLE: After a fire, a remote manager ensuring on-time paychecks Bring Your Own Device User devices, corp access EXAMPLE: Contractor using personal laptop to access LOB apps Remote Access Work across multiple PCs EXAMPLE: Accountant accesses apps and data from clients and home 5

6 Your IT Hoster Cloud Your Users + LOB Apps

7 7

8 Familiar and personalized Microsoft Windows experiences Functions across multiple devices and browsers Strong performance even over low bandwidth Single sign on 8

9 Meets compliance and reduces risk Removes the need for application patching and updates Protects against loss of sensitive corporate data and apps Reduces IT expenditures and shifts focus to value-added, strategic initiatives

10 Single platform for deploying virtualized desktops Rich, unified end-user experience Remote desktops behave like traditional desktops Flexible deployment options allow cost-efficient scalability

11 Low-cost session virtualization to meet basic needs of many users (one virtual machine, multiple user connections) Feature-rich virtual machine instances to enable increased personalization and app compatibility for select individual users

12 [Example –24x7 help desk] [Example – 99.95% uptime] [Example –Real- time alerting & monitoring] [Example – Deep understanding of the local market / vertical]

13 [HOSTER NAME] – Sample Offers [This is an example to be replaced with partner offers] [Entry- Level offer] [Premium- Level offer] [Mid-Level offer] [Example] Session virtualization Office Standard Edition [Example] Session virtualization Office Pro Edition Five custom apps Near real-time backup [Example] Session virtualization Office Pro Edition 10 custom apps Near real-time backup High SLAs $X/user/month$Y/user/month$Z/user/month

14 Getting Started Learn more about [HOSTER NAME] hosted desktop solutions Where to learn more about Microsoft desktop virtualization technologies Microsoft Desktop Virtualization Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Desktop Virtualization TechCenter Visit the [HOSTER NAME] Hosted Desktop site for additional tools and guidance [HOSTER Hosted Desktop landing page URL goes here] Example: Contact your [HOSTER NAME] representative to discuss what options are right for you [Link to HOSTER representative contact request goes here] Example: Sign up to receive [HOSTER NAME] Hosted Desktop emails [Link to HOSTER Hosted Desktop newsletter subscription request goes here] Example:

15 © 2014 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. [Hoster logo]



18 What is a Rich User Experience? Dynamically detect network conditions and tune experience WAN acceleration Enable access to locally attached devices in remote desktops USB redirection Remote desktop clients have a rich Windows user experience on Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices, including support for multi-touch Cross-platform support Improved GPU support Support both physical and software GPUs

19 Rich User Experience with RemoteFX Crisp text always Aero always on, rich new Windows UI Adaptive graphics remoting based on content type RemoteApp programs integrate seamlessly with local desktop Reconnect feature for ease of movement across devices Full single sign-on Full multitouch and gesture remoting


21 Personalization with User Profile Disk User profile disk with pooled virtual machine collections User profile disk with remote desktop session host collections What should I deploy? User profile disk With every virtual machine pool and remote desktop session host collection User environment virtualization To apply roam settings across collections Folder redirection To apply roaming user data across collections To centralize user data backup Benefits Available with pooled virtual machine collections and remote desktop session host collections Stores all user settings and data Contains roaming user profile, Folder Redirection cache, and user environment virtualization Roams with user within collection Appears as a local disk and improves application compatibility

22 High Availability Improve with active/active broker Use a scale-out file server and Hyper-V clustering Experience up to 64 nodes and 8,000 virtual machines per cluster with Hyper-V Further increase density by using Remote Desktop Session Host (greater than 2x compared to virtual machines)


24 Why Microsoft VDI? Delivers great user experiences Why Microsoft VDI? Reduces time to deploy applications and updates Balances user needs with compliance requirements Protects against loss and leaks of sensitive corporate data Saves resources with flexible storage options Enables users to access corporate apps and data from any device/any location

25 Choosing the Right VDI Architecture SessionsPersonal VMsPooled VMs Cost effectiveness App compatibility Personalization Good Better Best


27 Managed Office Access to familiar productivity apps from any virtual desktop Well managed & secure No software updates necessary Same Office experience


29 Georgia Tech improves user experience with VDI The SolutionThe Situation Georgia Tech used Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 to improve the performance and usability of its Windows-based VDI desktops and to expand client-device support. “Students today are focused on instant gratification, especially where technology is concerned. They don’t care how it works; they just want it to work.” Didier Contis Director of Technology Services, Georgia Institute of Technology The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) needed a powerful desktop virtualization solution to provide its students the freedom to access engineering applications from anywhere—both on and off campus—versus being limited to university computer labs.

30 SK Telecom gets high performance, saves costs The SolutionThe Situation The solution met SK's needs and expectations, with the following benefits: Reduced licensing costs Reliable vendor support through standardization Improved disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities “Nowadays capacity assessment is not seriously taken when the line-of-business users prepare the product and service. Because it is possible to request resource extension, based on the customer response or usage. By virtue of this, line- of-business can make more business- oriented decision making without wasting their time to assess capacity or technical issues.” Cheon Min Heung IT Infrastructure Support Manager, SK Telecom SK wanted to see if a VDI built on Windows Server 2012 Datacenter could achieve the telecom's expected levels of stability and performance at a lower cost. It decided to test a VDI environment that used its current environment in combination with Remote Desktop Services, providing session virtualization, and Hyper-V virtualization technology in Windows Server 2012.

31 Northern Border gets desktops on-demand The SolutionThe Situation The university decided to use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft System Center 2012 to achieve increased performance and consistent service delivery with a controlled reliable experience. “Departments often require servers to install new applications, so they request a new server from us. Now it takes us just five minutes to provide a server using Hyper-V. It usually took days to weeks to supply a new physical server and configure it.” Fawzi Shafal Network Administrator, Northern Border University Northern Border University in Saudi Arabia needed a VDI solution to create a highly flexible computing environment where departments would experience no downtime and where applications would be distributed within minutes instead of days.

32 City of Barcelona expands desktop experience The SolutionThe Situation The city decided to use Windows Server 2012, which contains improvements in the areas of desktop virtualization implementation, management, user experience, and security to increase security and productivity while lowering costs. “With Windows Server 2012, we will have better managed desktops. We will be able to deploy operating systems, applications, and security updates much faster. Alex Serret Engineer, Technology Innovation, City of Barcelona The city of Barcelona was in search of a desktop virtualization solution that would make it easier for field workers to use. They also needed a solution that would eliminate security vulnerabilities and increase efficiency.

33 OECD delivers remote desktop experience The SolutionThe Situation The organization used Windows Server 2012 to take advantage of the ability to deploy and manage multiple instances of the Remote Desktop Services feature reducing complexity and increasing flexibility and performance. “We gain flexibility on many different levels through the improvements to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2012—from the different deployment scenarios to the ability to deliver a full-fidelity Windows experience on a variety of devices.” Marius Fodoreanu Systems Architect, OECD The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) wanted to improve the performance and simplify the management of its desktop computing environment by deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure.

34 [Case study headline, including customer name] The SolutionThe Situation [Use 1-2 sentences to describe how you implemented the solution and what benefits the customer has seen as a result.] [“Insert a quote from your primary contact at the customer's business that includes a statement of the benefits his or her company has derived from the hosted desktop solution.”] [Name of customer contact] [Contact Title], [Customer Name] [Use 1-2 sentences to describe the problem that the customer was facing prior to exploring and implementing the solution.] [Insert customer logo]

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