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Building Hosted Desktop: Expand Your Profits as IT Evolves Microsoft Hosting Service Providers Conversation #4 1.

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1 Building Hosted Desktop: Expand Your Profits as IT Evolves Microsoft Hosting Service Providers Conversation #4 1


3 User Productivity Expectations IT Security & Efficiency Challenges Line-of-business apps Work from anywhere Bring your own device Mobile experience Management complexities and costs App and data security Platform- & device-level interoperability Performance/uptime

4 Work From Anywhere Access from any device EXAMPLE: Home health nurse taking a medical history on a tablet Business Continuity Secure data and LOB apps EXAMPLE: After a fire, a remote manager ensuring on-time paychecks Bring Your Own Device User devices, corp access EXAMPLE: Contractor using personal laptop to access LOB apps Remote Access Work across multiple PCs EXAMPLE: Accountant accesses apps and data from clients and home 4

5 Cloud-based Desktop Virtualization (i.e. Desktop as a Service) 40 % Session Virtualization 36 % Application Virtualization 52 % Session Virtualization 46 % Application Virtualization 69 % 59 % 55 % 59 % 53 % 66 %

6 Your DaaS Adopters Profile More likely to: Use WS 2012 (R2) as primary Server OS Use tablets and smartphones to access a desktop virtualization solution Occupy physical offices in multiple countries Allow users to connect w/ personal devices Be a Tech Early Adopter / Pragmatist 6

7 7 Email Website Hosting <$10 /mailbox/mo. <$5 /site/mo. Dedicated Server $50+ /server/mo. Commodity DaaS $35-$70 /seat/mo. Vertical DaaS Device Ubiquity $150-$300 /seat/mo. Citrix SP Opportunities Low-Cost Low-Margin Commodity High-Value High-Margin Verticalized 70 % entry-level 30 % Premium (upsell) IDEAL PRODUCT MIX: +

8 Users + Customer IT + LOB Apps Hoster Cloud

9 9

10 Low-cost session virtualization to meet basic needs of many users (one virtual machine, multiple user connections) Feature-rich virtual machine instances to enable increased personalization and app compatibility for select individual users

11 11

12 Desktop Hosting Reference Architecture Guide Marketing and Selling your Hosting OffersMarketing and Selling your Hosting Offers (Video) Providing Desktop as a Service Licensing Brief for Service Providers SPLAR to Service Provider BOM Service Provide to Customer BOM Hosting Desktops on Citrix and Microsoft solutions 12

13 Do it now! Microsoft Hosting Service Providers Call to Action!

14 Take action today! Download the Hosted Desktop materials: SharePoint: Give us your feedback: Survey: Questions? Email: 14




18 Familiar and personalized Microsoft Windows experiences Functions across multiple devices and browsers Strong performance even over low bandwidth Single sign on 18

19 What is a Rich User Experience? Dynamically detect network conditions and tune experience WAN acceleration Enable access to locally attached devices in remote desktops USB redirection Remote desktop clients have a rich Windows user experience on Mac OS X, iOS, and Android devices, including support for multi-touch Cross-platform support Improved GPU support Support both physical and software GPUs

20 Rich User Experience with RemoteFX Crisp text always Aero always on, rich new Windows UI Adaptive graphics remoting based on content type RemoteApp programs integrate seamlessly with local desktop Reconnect feature for ease of movement across devices Full single sign-on Full multitouch and gesture remoting


22 Meets compliance and reduces risk Removes the need for application patching and updates Protects against loss of sensitive corporate data and apps Reduces IT expenditures and shifts focus to value-added, strategic initiatives

23 Personalization with User Profile Disk User profile disk with pooled virtual machine collections User profile disk with remote desktop session host collections What should I deploy? User profile disk With every virtual machine pool and remote desktop session host collection User environment virtualization To apply roam settings across collections Folder redirection To apply roaming user data across collections To centralize user data backup Benefits Available with pooled virtual machine collections and remote desktop session host collections Stores all user settings and data Contains roaming user profile, Folder Redirection cache, and user environment virtualization Roams with user within collection Appears as a local disk and improves application compatibility

24 High Availability Improve with active/active broker Use a scale-out file server and Hyper-V clustering Experience up to 64 nodes and 8,000 virtual machines per cluster with Hyper-V Further increase density by using Remote Desktop Session Host (greater than 2x compared to virtual machines)


26 Single platform for deploying virtualized desktops Rich, unified end-user experience Remote desktops behave like traditional desktops Flexible deployment options allow cost-efficient scalability

27 Why Microsoft VDI? Delivers great user experiences Why Microsoft VDI? Reduces time to deploy applications and updates Balances user needs with compliance requirements Protects against loss and leaks of sensitive corporate data Saves resources with flexible storage options Enables users to access corporate apps and data from any device/any location

28 Choosing the Right VDI Architecture SessionsPersonal VMsPooled VMs Cost effectiveness App compatibility Personalization Good Better Best


30 Managed Office Access to familiar productivity apps from any virtual desktop Well managed & secure No software updates necessary Same Office experience

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