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1 Mexico

2 What country is the largest?
How large is Mexico? Second largest country by size and population in Latin America. What country is the largest? Brazil – largest country in South America by both land size and population.

3 Can Mexico trade well? YES!!!!!
NAFTA – North America Free Trade Agreement LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!!! Mexico has good trade because of the water around it and its location right next to the United States! YES!!!!!

4 Is this all Mexico? Mountains - Ex. – Sierra Madre Mountains Plateau – Ex. – Mexican Plateau Beaches – Ex. - Cancun YES!

5 Climate Climate varies according to location!
Climate in Mexico is cold high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains and hot on the sandy beaches.

6 Where do most people live?
The Central Plateau of Mexico which is home to Mexico City, the country’s capital!

7 Why do so many people live on the Central Plateau of Mexico?
The land is arable (farmable) 2. The region has many manufacturing centers 3. The land has the largest city – Mexico City Over 75% of Mexican’s live in urban areas (cities)

8 Economy Oil, oil, oil!!!! Oil is one of Mexico’s most important natural resources. Tourism – most of Mexico’s tourists are Americans! Silver!!!! Mexico is one of the world’s largest producers of silver!

9 Pollution? Mexico City is known as one of the world’s most polluted cities. Children are likely to have breathing problems Why? People – emissions from cars and factories Geography – the city is built in a bowl shaped crater of an old volcano. The exhaust from cars and factories gets trapped.

10 Pollution – Mexico City
Geography plays an important role in Mexico City’s pollution problem.

11 What kind of government does Mexico have?
Unitary? Federal? Confederation? Federal !!!!!!!!!!! This is when the power is shared between the central government and the state governments. Mexico also has a…….. Presidential Democracy – the citizens of Mexico vote to elect the president and the legislature.

12 Spanish! Roman Catholic Culture HOLA
Because Mexico was once owned by Spain, most people speak……………. Spanish! HOLA Most practiced religion……………… Roman Catholic Many people in Mexico are mestizos (ancestors were both European and Native American).

13 Mexico World Geography and You
Read pages 47-51 2. Define the vocabulary from pages Add this to the next page blank page in your IN

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