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December 1 , 2014 Agenda Mexico Warm-Up Finish Latin America Projects

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1 December 1 , 2014 Agenda Mexico Warm-Up Finish Latin America Projects
Mexico City experiences frequent Smog. Smog is air pollution caused by vehicle emissions mixing with Fog. What can Mexico City do to decrease the pollution caused by automobiles?

2 Mexico

3 Physical Geography of Mexico
What major physical features are found in Mexico? Bodies of Water - Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, Caribbean Sea, Rio Grande Peninsulas – Yucatan, Baja California Mountains - Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental, Deserts - Chihuahua Desert, Sonora Desert

4 Physical Geography of Mexico
Desert in the North Semi-Arid in the Center Tropical (Hot & Wet) in the South Mexico is located on the Ring of Fire Many volcanoes and earthquakes, like Popocatepetl, and Paricutin.

5 Physical Geography - Natural Hazards
Volcanoes in southern half, such as Paricutin and Popocatepetl (A 17,886ft volcano outside Mexico City) Earthquakes – 1985 Mexico City Quake killed 9,000 and hurt 30,000! Hurricanes/Typhoons on the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean coasts El Nino – Lead to floods or Drought Popocatepetl day and night in 2012

6 Human Geography: Politics and Religion
Federal Republic, with Three Branch System (Executive, Legislative, Judicial), much like USA. Many political parties: three biggest are the: PRI- The Institutional Revolutionary Party (started in 1929 and governed for 71 years) PAN- National Action Party (defeated the PRI candidate for President in 2000 and 2006) PRD- Party of the Democratic Revolution Mostly Catholic (89%) 2nd largest Catholic population in the world. Catholicism (Christianity) combined with Aztec and Indian beliefs Mexico's incoming president Enrique Pena Nieto

7 NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement 1994 Treaty
Connects economies of USA, Mexico, and Canada reduce barriers to make trade easier


9 Maquiladoras Border factories Owned by foreign companies
Mexican workers, managers Ship parts to Mexico Ship assembled products back to US for sale.

10 Why Do This? Cheap Labor – Mexican workers get paid less money than Americans, for same kinds of work. Fewer Restrictions – Fewer laws about safety and pollution in Mexico. Cheaper to run a factory. Both good and bad – long hours and low pay, but provide jobs, especially for women

11 Human Geography - Urban Geography
Rapid population growth (rural to urban migration) Why? Push-Pull Factors - People looking for jobs and services, none in country so they move to the cities Shantytowns – Slums without running water Little or no electricity made of scrap materials

12 Human Geography -Demographics
Population is 112 million 65% Mestizo 20-25% European (Spain) 10% Indian 75% live in cities Largest city is Mexico City, with almost 20 million people

13 Human Geography - Culture - Art, Music, Dance
Art: Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo are most famous painters from Mexico Muralists Literature: “Magical Realism” is a famous style, used by many Mexican authors – such as Octavio Paz. Music: Ranchera, Banda in north, Marimba is south, plus newer genres like Norteno, Tejano, & Pop



16 Human Environmental Concerns of Mexico
Fresh water scarce and polluted Raw sewage and run-off polluting rivers in urban areas Deteriorating agricultural lands Air and water pollution in major cities.

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