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Lesson Overviews: Vocabulary and Comprehension.

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1 Lesson Overviews: Vocabulary and Comprehension


3 For this group to work in kindergarten or first grade, the teacher must do the decoding. This is why we use a read-aloud format. In grades 2 and 3, the children are expected to read the selection, with support.

4 In this example, you will role-play K or first-grade students, and I will use a read-aloud format.







11 Let’s recap …

12 Begin with this script. Show or construct web as you read next script.

13 Remember to point to the diagram as you mention key words in the script. You are building concept knowledge by using words and pictures in tandem. You are also stressing the interrelationships among word meanings.

14 Draw this empty web as you talk. You’ll return to it after the read-aloud.

15 Now complete the web you started.

16 Remember that in a book like this one, there are plenty of new words – an idea psychologists call “concept density.” This means that the same book can be revisited at least once more to firm up the children’s new word knowledge.


18 Model Lesson 2



21 Let’s recap …

22 Scripts

23 Words and syllables

24 Continuing Script Remember that you have introduced these words.




28 Let’s recap …

29 All you need is the script and the book!

30 More scripts

31 Remember that after a fiction read-aloud, we choose 2 or 3 Tier 2 words to teach.

32 Story map template


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