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2 What is today’s topic? Instructions: Use this phone pad diagram as the key to unlocking the topic for today. Example 4 is either G , H , I “ ”

3 Hardwood and Softwood trees
Grade 8

4 softwood Softwood is a generic term used in woodworking and the lumber industries for wood from conifers. Conifers are needle-bearing trees from the order Pinales. Softwood trees are often harder than hardwood trees. Douglas fir, a softwood, is harder and stronger than many hardwoods. Balsa, a hardwood, is much softer than most softwoods

5 Hardwood trees Hardwood trees are angiosperms, plants that produce seeds with some sort of covering. This might be a fruit, such as an apple, or a hard shell, such as an acorn. Hardwood comes from a deciduous tree which loses its leaves annually. Hardwoods tend to be slower growing, and are therefore usually more dense, but not always.

6 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Uses: Hardwood Used for trimmings and furniture but less frequently than softwood. Softwood Widely used as woodware for building (homes/cabins) and furniture.

7 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Cost: Hardwood is typically more expensive than softwood. Softwood is typically less expensive compared to hardwood.

8 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Growth: Hardwood has a slower growth rate. Softwood has a faster rate of growth. Anular ring: Hardwood is Not Distinct Softwood is Distinct

9 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Density: Hardwood has a higher density and is therefore usually harder. Softwood has a lower density, therefore most softwood varieties are softer than hardwood.

10 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Shedding of leaves: Hardwoods shed their leaves over a period of time. Softwoods tend to keep their leaves throughout the year.

11 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Colour: Hardwood is Dark in colour Softwood is Light in colour Weight: Hardwood is Heavy Softwood is Light

12 Difference between hardwood and softwood
Fire Resistance: Hardwood is More fire resistant Softwood is a Poor fire resistant Conversion: Hardwood is Difficult to convert Softwood is Easy to convert

13 Examples of Softwood Spruce Colour White uses
Wood pulp ,General purpose joinery

14 Examples of Softwood Spruce lumber

15 Examples of Softwood Scot pine Colour Red or Yellow Uses
Light poles, Exterior work, Railway sleepers

16 Examples of Softwood Scot pine lumber

17 Examples of Softwood Red Cedar colour Reddish Brown Uses
Building wooden houses , Roofing shingles

18 Examples of Softwood Red Cedar lumber

19 Examples of Softwood Larch Colour Reddish-brown Uses Farm gates fences

20 Examples of Softwood Larch lumber

21 Examples of Softtwood Douglas Fir Colour light tan to reddish Use
timbers, plywood. railroad ties, mine timbers, house logs, post and poles, fencing, and firewood..

22 Examples of Softwood Douglas fir lumber

23 Examples of Softwood Parana pine Colour
Light brown with pinkish streak Uses General purpose joinery and building

24 Examples of Softwood Parana Pine lumber

25 Examples of Hardwood Oak Colour red oak or white oak, Uses
tables, chairs, cabinets, bookcases storage units wood flooring other construction projects. Wine barrels 

26 Examples of Hardwood Oak Lumber

27 Examples of Hardwood Beech Colour light brown Uses
an excellent firewood furniture framing carcass construction, flooring in plywood household items

28 Examples of Hardwood Beech lumber

29 Examples of Hardwood Ash Colour white Use
Handles, furniture, cabinets, interior joinery, sports equipment,  baseball bats, auto bodies, and some musical instruments

30 Examples of Hardwood Ash lumber

31 Examples of Hardwood Sycamore Colour
white to light tan, heartwood is a darker reddish brown Use cutting boards and dramatic furniture. drawer side Doors

32 Examples of Hardwood Sycamore Lumber

33 Examples of Hardwood Elm Colour dark brown or a strong red tone. Uses
chest a few chairs outdoor furniture 

34 Examples of Hardwood Elm lumber

35 summary

36 What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?
Name five ways we botanical group hardwood and softwood trees What type of softwood is used to make the following: Farm gate Wooden houses General joinery What type of hardwood is used to make the following: Garden furniture Wood tools Base ball bats

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