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Cellular construction

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1 Cellular construction

2 The plan view of a house

3 This house is constructed from a number of rooms (cells)

4 A three cell structure

5 Cellular Construction
The structure consists of walls each joined to its neighbour. The external walls form the boundaries of the building and the internal walls divide the building into cells (rooms) making the building Cellular.

6 Structural Stability The strength of cellular structures is achieved by the large number of short walls which are joined together at right angles. This type of structure is usually used in low rise domestic dwellings.

7 Materials to construct walls
The walls are usually constructed from: Brick Block Mass Concrete or occasionally Stone.

8 Load bearing walls The total load of the roof and intermediate floors are transferred to the foundations by the external walls. The internal walls may also carry some of the load.

9 Solid wall construction
Load bearing walls are an easily erected form of structure. They are built up gradually block by block. Occasionally concrete is used as the walling medium, formwork has to be erected to create a mould for the liquid concrete.

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