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San Antonio’s Academies: Building a More Prosperous San Antonio.

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1 San Antonio’s Academies: Building a More Prosperous San Antonio

2 Overview Why Academies? How Do They Work? Aerospace Academy and ITSA Results Coming Soon: The MTA Future Directions for the Academies

3 Why Academies? –Region needs high wage jobs –High wage jobs require high skills –Low skill workforce –Focus on target industries that can provide many high-wage jobs –Young San Antonians need better opportunities

4 Conceptual Model = High Tech Career Path & Pipeline K-1011-12 College Workforce What Shall I Be? Academies College Life Long Learning

5 Which Industries?

6 How Academies Work For High School Juniors and Seniors Region-wide Students enrolled in home high school Half day, every day Industry-driven curriculum Dual credit Internships Graduate to a job or further education (or both)

7 Who Participates? Alamo Community College District City of San Antonio Every Bexar County School District, and more The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce KellyUSAUTSA Alamo Workforce Development Board US Air Force SAMA Numerous Industry Partners

8 Importance of the Partnership Model Regional problem, regional solution Clear vision Adaptable to multiple industries Industry-driven, so graduates have the right skills Leverage All the partners get more of what they want

9 What kind of students do the Academies attract?

10 AAAA in a Nutshell Opened August 2001 Approximately 100 students (juniors & seniors) Many industry partners

11 Aerospace Academy Results 2002 (25 graduates): 15 took internships, 100% offered employment 2003 (49 graduates): 39 now employed, 9 others in full-time college or military 80% of graduates continue college education

12 ITSA in a Nutshell Opened August 2002 with 90 students Will graduate first class this month Internships Almost all will go on to college

13 Why Start a Manufacturing Technology Academy? Successful models: AAAA and ITSA Shortage of skilled labor in existing manufacturing Toyota The “second and third wave”

14 MTA Details Opens August 2004 Location: St. Philip’s College – Southwest Campus 45-50 students (all juniors) Growth driven by industry demand Eventually at other locations

15 Special Features of the MTA SAMA role Regional Manufacturing Workforce Development Strategy Incumbent Worker Training to Same Curriculum

16 Future Directions of the Academies Permanent organizational structure Apply MWD approach in other industries New Academies: Biotech? Nursing? Others?

17 The Bottom Line A skilled workforce won’t just appear Partnership is the key Academies are important drivers of economic development


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