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Working together Regional Forum on Employment & Skills Bay of Plenty.

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1 working together Regional Forum on Employment & Skills Bay of Plenty

2 drive for employment Employment Strategy 2000 Making Work Pay Tertiary Education Commission Youth transitions Jobs Jolt

3 the Government’s vision a prosperous, inclusive, environmentally sustainable society opportunities for all fuelled by economic growth and innovation

4 why we’re here today a strong economy brings different challenges government, community, industry must work together new issues require new remedies

5 new issues, new remedies regional development plans set out the first steps it is time to consolidate our efforts; to work together, and move forward

6 a region of solid growth high employment rate top economic growth rate population growth second only to Auckland labour force participation lower than the national average retail, construction, house sales all rising

7 a diverse region manufacturing, retail, and primary sectors are dominant industries most employees work in service and sales thriving entertainment sector

8 the outlook economic growth is likely to slow strong NZ dollar and fall in world prices will affect export earnings tourism should fuel regional growth

9 balancing demand and supply skills shortages in Bay of Plenty: nursing, mechanics, horticulture, logging, drivers and trades

10 the pool of available labour a third have been unemployed for less than six months a third have been unemployed for six months to two years qualifications don’t feature strongly high proportion of young people and Maori

11 what are the solutions? social development: tackling causes, not symptoms understanding what is unique to each region working in partnership, with a long-term focus

12 strategies in Bay of Plenty industry-driven and demand- led employers are in the driver’s seat building on successful industry-based opportunities economic growth moderately positive primary sector growth to continue Service industries expanding

13 the results training and employment in horticulture, construction, forestry, hospitality, and retail heavy truck and bus driver training Straight Up programme in schools Community Renewal Project for young people

14 helping the momentum Skills Action Plan to reduce skill and labour shortages: –industry and regional initiatives –education and training initiatives –information matching initiatives –immigration initiatives one response won’t meet all needs

15 time to move forward participation in workforce is the path to economic health we must build on the journey already begun success will depend on partnership and commitment

16 working together Regional Forum on Employment & Skills Bay of Plenty

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