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Opportunity Internship Program (OIP) December 16, 2009.

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1 Opportunity Internship Program (OIP) December 16, 2009

2 2 Meeting Objectives 1. Overview of OIP 2. Solicit input on program design 3. Identify any challenges and solutions 4. Gauge district interest in participation

3 3 Program Overview 90 hour internships to 100 sophomores, juniors, and seniors in SW Washington; with stipend Free and reduced lunch eligible Manufacturing, high tech, construction, transportation, logistics, health care; STEM related occupations Completers receive a State Need Grant for first year of college in WA Goal: Incent students to pursue post-secondary training in demand industries and occupations through internships and grants for college tuition and fees.

4 4 Eligible students Sophomores, juniors, seniors 16 years of age Qualify for free and reduced lunch Interested in pursuing career in targeted industry or occupation Commitment to pursue post-secondary education in a related field

5 5 State Need Grant Pays for tuition and fees at Washington accredited post-secondary institutions, including apprenticeship expenses Student must complete the FAFSA to apply; SWWDC will submit OIP participant names Funds are limited; early application critical to receiving funds Must be used within 12 months of high school graduation

6 6 Program Administration Overall Program Administration – SWWDC Employer recruitment – nConnect NW Student support – SW Washington STEM Coach Educational Partner – School districts who want to participate and can facilitate WBL requirements An MOU will outline specific roles and responsibilities

7 7 3 ways to access OIP 1. SW Washington STEM Coach  Free and reduced lunch  Non health care related 2. ESD 112-Youth Workforce Program  WIA eligible 3. Existing internships that meet criteria and approved by SWWDC  Case-by-case basis; must enroll with STEM Coach for eligibility and tracking

8 8 Next Steps (ASAP) 1. Identify districts who want to participate 2. Identify number of youth districts expect to be able to recruit (eligible, interested, committed) 3. Review and finalize MOUs 4. Begin student and employer recruitment 5. Facilitate student FAFSA completion

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