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Knoxville Business Laboratory Business Services & Solutions.

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1 Knoxville Business Laboratory Business Services & Solutions

2 Single Source Business Solutions Our vision is to become a nationally utilized brand in the business community and one that is recognized for being a single destination for high end work and world class consulting as well as a launch hub for innovative startups and new business development. VISION

3 Single Source Business Solutions Although our various platforms and areas of interest are multi-faceted, our focus is linear. Our mission is to provide the U.S. based business community with a single source business solution platform that is very broad in scope and one that is dedicated to the very highest quality of work and service available. We are also focused on becoming an acknowledged hub and launch platform for entrepreneurship and startups and one that is recognized for innovation and inclusiveness as well as for sound business expertise across a broad spectrum of disciplines. MISSION

4 Single Source Business Solutions Revolutionize the way business owners locate the services and solutions they require We are structuring our platform to be a go to destination for startups, new business development and cross-branding & syndicated branded content licensing. This will enable us to achieve our goal of providing a single source platform and environment unlike any other we are aware of where the sole objective is to provide solutions and initiatives designed to build and grow companies. OUR GOALS, through a single source platform, are to : Provide a “revolutionary” affinity branding and marketing solution centered around developing content based on the principles of scientific case studies derived from years of studying the neurological and emotional drivers of consumer buying behaviors. Offer and introduce them to new technologies, methodologies and strategies Guide our clients on how to seize existing market prospects in their respective spaces and how to take advantage of cross-branding opportunities we will bring to the table Deliver a platform and provide the tools and resources for entrepreneurs and startups that will enable them give birth to their ideas & concepts and launch their projects and products into the marketplace

5 Single Source Business Solutions WHAT WE DO Branding and Marketing Crowd funding Business Services & Solutions Lean Startup Lab Startup Team Exchange

6 Single Source Business Solutions OUR SPECIALTIES - TECHNOLOGY Web Design & Development Software Development Usability Testing System Architecture Mobile Apps

7 Single Source Business Solutions OUR SPECIALTIES - BRANDING & MARKETING Branding & Marketing Corporate Identity Full Stack Web-Based Marketing Digital Content Development Articles Short Stories Animated Content PR Events

8 Single Source Business Solutions OUR SPECIALTIES - CONSULTING Consulting LEAN Process Six Sigma Customer Experience Executive Development Strategic Roadmapping

9 Single Source Business Solutions OUR SPECIALTIES - BUSINESS SERVICES Capital Solutions Market Research Model Development Customer Acquisition Consulting

10 Single Source Business Solutions OUR SPECIALTIES – STARTUPS Seed, Angel & VC Capital Private Securities & Corporate docs Advisory Board Development Crowdfunding Startup Team Exchange

11 Single Source Business Solutions TARGET MARKET, CUSTOMER SEGMENTS & REVENUE CHANNELS The North American Business Community Businesses seeking consulting or any of the services and or business solutions we provide – serviced by our Strategic Channel Partners Startup entrepreneurs seeking guidance, cofounders and startup funding – managed by our Lean Startup Lab and its advisors Young companies with traction seeking growth capital – funded by our Capital Solutions Partners Professionals seeking to match up with cofounders and/or other talent for new or existing projects – Startup Team Exchange platform Branded Content Development & Marketing – serviced by our branding, marketing and content development engine Entrepreneurs, artists, social causes, writers, etc. seeking funding for concepts or causes – served by our 2 crowdfunding platforms

12 Single Source Business Solutions Expert business consultation not available from single service providers Being a client of KBL will automatically key a business to be evaluated for myriad opportunities designed for growth and new customer acquisition that will exist only within our platform VALUE PROPOSITION A wealth of business services and solutions for business owners available through a single platform Entrepreneurs will have access to all the tools they need to launch their startups including utilizing our crowdfunding platform Investors will have access to a steady stream of new deals and opportunities regarding startups and growth company investment

13 Single Source Business Solutions Driving new clients to our Strategic Channel Partners Attracting and driving clients to our branding and marketing engine Bringing entrepreneurs into our Lean Startup Lab Driving entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors & idealists to our Startup Team Exchange Attracting idealists, entrepreneurs and others seeking funding for concept projects to our crowdfunding platforms Attracting Seed, Angel & VC investors to our platform for startup investment opportunities. The brand content we will be creating and distributing will be purposed for driving new clients to our strategic channel partners who service our business services and solutions offerings. It will also be targeted at attracting businesses to our branding and marketing platform as well as entrepreneurs and new startups to our Lean Startup Lab and crowdfunding platforms. Across-the-board, targeted affinity branding and content development and deployment across all mediums and to every audience & demographic... OUR GROWTH STRATEGY

14 Single Source Business Solutions CULTURE We will be focused on promoting and nurturing an inclusive environment for entrepreneurs and service providers which is something that will be done on various levels, including grassroots, and through emotionally driven content creation and dissemination specifically for that purpose. These initiatives will be instrumental in helping to build the foundation from which our platform will grow.

15 Single Source Business Solutions SUMMARY Our vision and offering is unique in that all of the various platforms within KBL are structured to feed and promote one another. Our verticals are not only intrinsically tied together in a synergistic fashion but are among those within the business service and solution industry with the highest growth potential. Our “revolutionary” branding and marketing engine is being modeled to perform in a manner that as far as we know does not currently exist and that will serve not only KBL but our clients and the business community at large. Our platform is designed and structured to promote business growth and entrepreneurship at a high level. For more information about how to get involved with the Knoxville Business Laboratory or to request a Model Overview, Rollout Strategy & Funding request doc, please contact Jim Bates at

16 Single Source Business Solutions Thank You

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