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Sports as a Business Assignment 308.

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1 Sports as a Business Assignment 308

2 CSR Overview in Sport – Some pointers..
For years businesses have tended to spend their CSR budgets on supporting environmental or arts-based causes but increasingly sport is being seen as a way to meet social and community obligations.. Why? Discuss in groups as to why you think this. Sport is regarded as a much more influential channel than the arts; reaching and engaging with more people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum. Again, why? A tip; think of the money involved within sport and the spectators involved. The European Sponsorship Association’s market trends survey of 2007 pointed out that CSR is becoming part of a more eclectic sponsorship mix. This is something that sports rights holders are starting to take advantage of.

3 Barclays Spaces For Sports
Launched in 2004, Barclays Spaces for Sports is a community-based sports programme, which uses sport as a platform to help young people develop life skills and revitalise disadvantaged communities in a sustainable way. In the UK, 200 community sports sites have been created in partnership with the Football Foundation, supporting more than 40 different sports. Around the world, Barclays Spaces for Sports programmes now exist in China, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Visit the links on this page to find out more about our Citizenship programmes in these countries. More than half a million people in the UK have benefited since the programme’s launch, with 53,000 people on average using its sites every week. And outside the UK, more than 40,000 people benefit from Barclays Spaces for Sports programmes each year. Barclays Spaces for Sports draws on the skills, experience and local expertise of a range of organisations to ensure the effective and sustainable delivery of our sites and sport for development programmes.

4 The FA Tesco Skills Programme
The FA Tesco Skills is a unique football coaching programme that gives 5-11s of all abilities the opportunity to get active, learn new football skills and enjoy the game.  We’ve been providing high quality football coaching courses for children since 2007 and have to date provided over 3 million child places on the programme, aiming to reach 4.7 million children by 2014. FA Tesco Skills is a nationwide initiative run by The Football Association and funded by Sport England and Tesco.  We provide after-school football coaching, holiday football coaching, support for charter standard football clubs and we also work within primary schools providing specialist football coaching.  Our aim is to develop better and more technically gifted football players but also to give every child the opportunity to be the best that they can be.  The FA Tesco Skills is based on a unique FA coaching model that helps boys and girls of all abilities to grow, develop their skills and to reach their potential.  The FA four corner model encompasses four key attributes that are vital for any developing young footballer: Physical, Technical, Psychological and Social elements, helping children to develop more than just their football skills – we’ll help them to gain confidence, build self-esteem, learn to work as  team and improve their decision making. A child can take part in The FA Tesco Skills programme through their  primary school or by signing up to take part in our regular after school Skills Centres and  free holiday football coaching sessions. 

5 Sainsbury’s - Active Kids For All
Sainsbury’s mission statement; We believe that every young person should have access to an active lifestyle regardless of ability or impairment. Active Kids For All offers training for schools and community groups to develop inclusive PE and sport for all young people. Overview; The Inclusive PE Training Programme provides training and resources to teachers, trainee teachers and other school staff across the UK. The resources are designed to improve the quality of PE provision in mainstream schools for young disabled people and pupils with special educational needs, enabling everyone to be engaged and make good progress within PE. Our Inclusive PE Training Programme has already trained over 1,500 teachers and school staff, benefiting more than 60,000 young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

6 Questions Out of these 3 CSR initiatives can you;
Explain the outcomes, being able to link them to company benefits and local benefits. Who are the target groups and why have they been chosen? How are they delivered, read through your notes and decide in groups on how they are

7 Personal research For this assignment; you may only use 2 of the 3 CSR initiatives for your assignment, you must research your own in the same level of detail that has been provided to you.

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