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Balanced Scorecard Tools and Applications (2 Days Workshop) Prepared for: In-house Training

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1 Balanced Scorecard Tools and Applications (2 Days Workshop) Prepared for: In-house Training +628122862849

2 2 BACKGROUND Balanced Scorecard Balanced scorecards have emerged as one of the most effective business The use of Balanced Scorecards has become more popular than ever for measuring the whats and hows of business, and for good reason — they work. This 2 days workshop will provide understanding of the four legs of Balanced Scorecards —the customer leg, the financial leg, the internal business processes leg, and the knowledge and growth leg — and provides you with the best ways to understand your needs and to make plans for implementing your Scorecards.

3 3 OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 1.Understand Balanced Scorecard framework and implementation approach to organizational. 2.Deploy KPI-based management system (Business Balanced Scorecard) from Corporate Level till individual scorecard.

4 4 Day-1 Introduction Balanced scorecard concept and origin Introduction to performance management and measurement Definitions BSC – Purpose, Drivers and Differentiators Sample BSC performance measures Balanced Scorecard Design Develop Strategic Themes and Strategic Results Develop Strategic Objectives and strategic success drivers Strategy mapping Derive Strategic Performance Measures, Targets, and Thresholds Develop Strategic Initiatives Define Criteria for Selecting Initiatives Day-2 Balanced Scorecard Implementation Implementation issues Aligning strategy and processes throughout the organization Collect, verify and validate performance data Software options for managing performance information Developing the communication plan Cascading the scorecard Linking strategy to resource decisions Enterprise Performance Management Integration Integration with EMS Best practices Linking performance to rewards Scorecard roll out, training and change management AGENDA

5 5 PARTICIPANT This skills-packed workshop is aimed at all levels of management, including MANAGER, TEAM LEADERS or SUPERVSORS and STAFF Maximum 20 person/batch for effective training, Exercise and simulation.

6 6 METODOLOGY This competency-based workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, combination of lecturing, exercise/case study/group discussion. DURATION & VENUE Training will be in 2 days (9 to 5 schedule) per batch. Venue: training room with U-shape format + laptop TRAINING INVESTMENT PER BATCH Training Investment Rp. 20.000.0000,- (dua puluh juta rupiah) net of tax per batch, including material development and seminar kit. Exclude accommodation and transportation outside of Jakarta.


8 +628122862849

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