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Coaching and Counseling for Outstanding Job Performance (2 Days Workshop) Prepared for: In-house Training

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1 Coaching and Counseling for Outstanding Job Performance (2 Days Workshop)
Prepared for: In-house Training

2 BACKGROUND Today’s organizational goal is to utilize a professional development change program that changes behaviors and enhances performance so that business objectives are achieved. Many coaches are failing this challenge to positively impact an employee’s individual perceptions, self awareness and relationship management, and ways of approaching people, problems and situations differently than in the past. People need coaching because they need to cope with the high demands and challenging performance. People also need to have additional “ammunitions” to perform well; be it to get result, better returns on investments, better parenting, healthier relationships, greater life fulfillment, etc. With the structured leadership strategy & method of coaching, you can forge ahead and help others as well. Behavioral coaching relates to the difference of personality traits among individuals. It has been proven that using coaching and counseling method, the end result has establish performance. A highly interactive and practical 2-day training programme that will equip managers with the necessary interpersonal, coaching and counseling skills to address poor employee performance and behavior, and improve their motivation and productivity.

3 OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
Boost the productivity and quality of individuals and teams Improve employee performance and results through a more effective coaching Improve the motivation and morale of employees Document employee performance, behavior and attitude safely and consistently. Develop more powerful and effective communication skills Enhance feedback and criticism skills that result in changed performance Make your feedback more effective in changing behavior and performance

4 PARTICIPANT This skills-packed workshop is aimed at all levels of management, including MANAGER, SUPERINTENDENT, TEAM LEADERS or SUPERVSORS. Maximum 20 person/batch for effective training, roleplay and simulation.

5 METODOLOGY This competency-based workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, with lots of role-playing to practice the skills learnt. It incorporates many handy tools, instruments to plan for, and guideline managers through the coaching and counseling interviews. Participant will be equipped with coaching & counseling toolkit.

6 OUTLINE – Day 1 Developing the Foundation for Constructive Leadership
Establishing confidence and trust with our employees Understanding the influence of personalities & styles on employee behavior Deal with different personalities more effectively Using common sense motivating factors Coaching Employees for Maximum Performance on Personalities Traits Creating a team vision Making employees accountable and responsible Giving effective positive and negative feedback Using feedback to change employee behavior Choose the right words for more constructive criticism Gain their commitment to improve 5 step coaching plan

7 OUTLINE – Day 2 Coaching & Counseling Employees to Improve Performance
Using performance appraisals to drive improvement Using constructive versus destructive communication Issuing and documenting formal and informal verbal warnings A 5 step counseling plan Developing a PIP-performance improvement plan that works Handling Difficult Coaching & Counseling Situations Employees bringing personal problems to work Coach employees who are personal friends or former peers Counsel employees who are older than or have more seniority than the manager Deal with chronic complainers and gripers Learn the keys to coaching and leadership

8 DURATION & VENUE Training will be in 2 days (9 to 5 schedule) per batch. Venue: company training room with U-shape format

Training Investment Rp ,- (dua puluh juta rupiah) net of tax per batch, including material development and seminar kit.

10 Facilitator

11 +628122862849

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