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Six Sigma Green Belt Tools and Applications (3 Days Workshop) Prepared for: In-house Training

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1 Six Sigma Green Belt Tools and Applications (3 Days Workshop) Prepared for: In-house Training +628122862849

2 2 BACKGROUND Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined proven approach for improving business performance. Conceptually, the benefits of implementation of Six Sigma emerge from breaking the mindset that product processes are invariable. Benefits also emerge as a result of interconnected activities. The result of this ethodical approach to quality management is evidenced by reduced fluctuations in processes. Stability of this kind triggers a series of positive chain reactions within organizations. This Six Sigma training workshop will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the background, principles and fundamentals of Six Sigma.

3 3 OBJECTIVES At the end of the course, participants will be able to: 1.Impart an understanding of Six Sigma to drive process and result oriented improvement culture. 2.Equip with skills to identify and implement Green Belt level improvement projects and to assist Champions.

4 4 Day-1 Overview Organization - Purpose, Challenges and imperatives Six Sigma Framework DMAIC Methodology Overview Financial Benefits of Six Sigma and Organizational Impact Six sigma Terminology Define Problem areas –Identification and prioritization Project Definition and Charter Developing a Business Case Team definition, Roles and Responsibilities Voice of the Customer (VOC) Translate VOC to CTQs (Pareto Chart) SIPOC Diagram Define Phase Review Day-2 Measure Process Mapping (As-Is Process) Data Attributes Measurement system definition and analysis Data Collection Techniques and Plan Understanding Variation (Histogram, Run chart) Performance Capability Calculating Sigma Level Measurement Phase Review Analyze Data visualization Value Added analysis Cause and Effect Analysis Correlation and Regression Root cause verification Analyze Phase Review Day 3 Improve Brainstorming and Multi-voting Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Piloting the solution Implementation Planning Improve Phase Review Control Improvement Results assessment Process Control methods (Control charts, Mistake-proofing) Establishing Process Standards for Inputs, Process and Outputs Develop Process Control Plan Control Phase Review AGENDA

5 5 PARTICIPANT This skills-packed workshop is aimed at all levels of management, including MANAGER, TEAM LEADERS or SUPERVSORS and STAFF Maximum 20 person/batch for effective training, Exercise and simulation.

6 6 METODOLOGY This competency-based workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, combination of lecturing, exercise/case study/group discussion. DURATION & VENUE Training will be in 3 days (9 to 5 schedule) per batch. Venue: training room with U-shape format + laptop TRAINING INVESTMENT PER BATCH Training Investment Rp. 30.000.0000,- (tiga puluh juta rupiah) net of tax per batch, including material development and seminar kit. Exclude accommodation and transportation outside (outside of Jakarta).


8 +628122862849

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