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College Degrees Section: AFTER HS.

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1 College Degrees Section: AFTER HS

2 Let’s begin with BACHELOR’S DEGREE
“going to college” 4+ years Years 1&2: gen ed + electives 3&4: major Different categories (education, nursing, pre-med, biological sciences, etc) Diff colleges = diff majors offered UCF USF FSU UF UNF UM FAU FAMU (IRSC) etc.

3 BACHELOR’S DEGREE RN Health Educator Lab Tech
Dietician = 22 Sound better? Still too long?

4 ASSOCIATE’S DEGREE 2-3 years 1: Gen ed + electives 2&3: major
Community Colleges 2 types: Assoc of ARTS (AA) Assoc of SCIENCE (AS) IRSC Etc.

5 Dual Enrollment? Must accept you?
7 AA DEGREE Intended for person who wants to transfer to 4-yr university Replaces 1st 2 years of university Dual Enrollment? Must accept you?

6 CAN continue to higher degree, also
AS DEGREE Intended for person who wants a career ASAP Ends with a J.O.B.!!! CAN continue to higher degree, also

7 6 AS DEGREE 18 + 3 = 21 Sound even better??? RN Paramedic PTA / OTA
Lab Tech Respiratory Therapist Dental Hygienist Radiologic Techs = 21 Sound even better??? 6

8 So, the BEST bang for your buck is a ________ Degree.
On average, the tuition for a university degree costs 3x more than a CC degree

9 OK, we still need to check out Certificates Masters Degrees Doctorate Degrees

10 4567 Certificates CNA Phlebotomist LPN EMT
Surg Tech Dental Assistant Certificates < 1 YEAR, often 1 semester ‘X’ hours NO gen ed/electives Adult Ed Community Colleges Tech Centers 4567

11 Master’s Degree 1-2 years beyond a Bachelor’s Degree 18 + 6 = 24
Universities Nurse Practitioner Physician’s Assistant = 24

12 Doctorate Degree Highest academic degree EXPERT in field
Time to earn varies with field Master’s may/may not be necessary 1st Pharmacist Physical therapist Research College professor MD Lawyer

13 Put in order (LEAST > MOST). masters. HS diploma. associates
Put in order (LEAST > MOST) masters HS diploma associates certificate doctorate bachelors Doctorate Masters Bachelors Associates Certificate HS diploma


15 Put in order (LEAST > MOST education)
PA Dental hygienist Pharmacist Phlebotomist RN Phlebotomist (certificate) Dental hygienist (Associates) RN (associates or bachelors) PA (masters) Pharmacist (doctorate) Which TYPE of Associates did the Dental Hygienist earn?

16 Look over these careers that were mentioned
Look over these careers that were mentioned. Select YOUR TOP 3 for me to discuss in greater detail. RN LPN Paramedic Respiratory Therapist Physical Therapist PT Assistant Occupational Therapist OT Assistant Dental Hygienist Surgical Technician Phlebotomist Pharmacist Physician’s Assistant Nurse Practitioner Veterinarian Dentist Dietician Health Educator

17 Wed 4/15 50 point quiz COLLEGE DEGREES

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