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Math & Science: Gateways to STEM Degrees and Careers John Lipp STEM-H Coordinator John Tyler Community College.

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1 Math & Science: Gateways to STEM Degrees and Careers John Lipp STEM-H Coordinator John Tyler Community College

2 Agenda Some Statistics Virginia Placement Test & Developmental Math Modules STEM Career & Education Opportunities Math/Science Requirements Four Years of High School Math Early Placement Testing Senior Capstone Free College Math Preparation Materials

3 Why STEM-H? #1 issue facing Virginia businesses was STEM-H workforce development and education Job Growth Is Nearly Double That Of Non- STEM-H Occupations Wages Are 66% Higher in STEM Careers When Compared to General Occupations 13.8% of all the jobs to be filled in the next 4 years are expected to be STEM-H. Virginia needs to graduate 28% more STEM-H students to reach the national average

4 Percent Of New STEM Careers

5 1.Software Developer 2.Computer System Analyst 3.Dentist 4.Nurse Practitioner 5.Pharmacist 6.Registered Nurse 7.Physical Therapist 8.Physician 9.Web Developer 10.Dental Hygienist 11.Information Security Analyst 12.Database Administrator 13.Physician Assistant 14.Occupational Therapist 15.Market Research Analyst 16.Phlebotomist 17.Physical Therapy Assistant 18.Civil Engineer 19.Mechanical Engineer 20.Veterinarian 21.Occupational Therapist Assistant 22.Clinical Lab Technician 23.Operations Research Analyst 24.IT Manager 25.Dietitian/Nutritionist 26.Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 27.Massage Therapist 28.Veterinary Technician 29.Esthetician 30.Computer Programmer Basis: % Growth, Employment, Salary, Stress & Work-Life Balance All 30 Top Jobs Are STEM-H Careers!!! Associate’s Degree Top 30 US News Best Jobs - 2014 Basis: % Growth, Employment, Salary, Stress & Work-Life Balance

6 Health Occupations

7 STEM-H @ John Tyler of Tyler students are enrolled in STEM-H Programs 22% 37% of 2012-13 graduates earned a STEM-H program credential

8 John Tyler’s STEM-H Programs Of Study Transfer Programs (AS Degrees) Engineering General Studies – Science Specialization Information Systems Secondary Teacher Education - Mathematics and Science Work-related credentials (AAS or Certificate) Architectural Engineering Technology Information Technology: Cisco Network, Computer Applications, Network Support, Program Development Mechanical Engineering Technology, Mechatronics Technician Specialization Nursing, Funeral Studies Technical Studies HVAC, Industrial/Residential Electricity, Mechanical Maintenance, Precision Machining Technology, Welding Career Studies Certificates 21 Program Majors

9 John Tyler’s Other Programs Of Study Transfer Programs (AS or AA degrees) Business General Studies General Studies: Logistics, Psychology, Teacher Education Liberal Arts Work-related credentials (AAS or Certificate) Visual Arts Accounting Business Management Early Childhood Development Human Services Police Science Building Construction Child Care Fine Arts General Education Homeland Security Career Studies Certificates

10 Greatest Obstacle: College Readiness in Math Over 60% of students entering community colleges require developmental math Less than 25% of these students will graduate from college

11 STEM-H Pipeline: Math Readiness Strategy Enhance college math readiness in high school graduates Increase STEM-H career and education awareness 32% Were Not College Ready Only 21% Chose STEM

12 Impact of High School Math Courses on College Readiness Course Beyond Algebra II Doubles College Readiness

13 College Level Math Qualifications SAT Math: 520 or ACT Math: 22 Placement Testing (VPT) Complete Developmental Math Modules: 1 – 3: Applied Technical Math & Intro to Math 1 – 5: College Algebra 1 – 9: Pre-Calculus

14 Developmental Math Module Requirements Mod 1: Operations with Positive Fractions Mod 2: Operations with Positive Decimals & Percents Mod 3: Algebra Basics Mod 4: First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable Mod 5: Linear Equations, Inequalities, & Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables Mod 6: Exponents, Factoring, and Polynomial Equations Mod 7: Rational Expressions and Equations Mod 8: Rational Exponents and Radicals Mod 9: Functions, Quadratic Equations, and Parabolas Intro to Math or Technical Math Non-Transfer AAS or STEM Certificate College Algebra: Gateway to Transfer or STEM AAS Pre-Calculus: Gateway to Transfer; Required for STEM majors

15 Math Readiness Determines Students’ Choices of Major Transfer Degree Entry Course: Pre-Calculus (College Algebra) Ending Course: Calculus or Statistics AAS Degree (STEM-H) Entry Course: College Algebra Ending Course: Pre-Calculus AAS/AAA Degree (non-STEM) Entry Course: Introduction to Mathematics Certificate (STEM) Entry Course: Applied Technical Math

16 ... And the Science Courses They Can Enroll In General Biology 101 Math Prerequisite: Modules 1 – 3 or Equivalent College Chemistry 111 Math Prerequisite: Precalculus College Physics 201 Math Prerequisite: Precalculus or Calculus Many STEM majors require Chemistry.

17 Questions? John Lipp STEM-H Coordinator (804) 768-6638

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